3 dominant Sectors startups could be successful in the East Africa region.

East Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. With the venture between the countries, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and South Sudan, the region has become large and so have the needs.


east africa startup sectors

Most of the countries in East Africa still have challenges along which are still being talked and which some have already been resolved by the governments and the citizens. However one of the most challenging things that the region has is the rising youth which is growing at a fast phase.

With the growing startups in the region, citizens and governments are benefiting from them, and the governments are encouraging the youth to come with startup ideas to help solve the problems in their communities.

Today I am going to be sharing 3 dominant sectors where startups could make a success in the East African region.

Health sector with health startups/E-health

In the health sector, East Africa is doing its best to fight against all sorts of diseases to have healthy and clean environments. Health startups are needed in the region ranging from the way medication is transported, acquired, and received in the countries.

Today we still find that in some countries and areas, there are people who are living in remote areas who hardly get medication in case they fall sick. Others just fail to get it because of the range between the hospitals and their homes.

In some African countries, health startups have begun helping citizens, and saving lives, here I can state a few, in Rwanda, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Why not think of an idea that could help citizens in the most remote areas of your community and country get medication easier, faster and cheaper?

Why not an idea of a way hospitals can be closer to citizens in hardly reachable areas?

Why not an idea of how medication can be stored well in places where there are no hospitals?

The ideas of health startups are many, you have to see what’s needed, feel the need, study the need and find a solution that can solve the problems and challenges people face in your community.

Health startups to inspire you:


Agriculture with Agritech startups

One of the most dominant sectors in most of the countries in East Africa is Agriculture, and no doubt we have all seen how it seems that the farmers don’t get the money yet they are the ones who feed people of all kinds even providing what some countries export outside.

Everyone in the country eats because a farmer has done something. Agriculture should be the largest sector in the East African region and they too have challenges, from farming to how they sell and how they keep their products.

According to reports, at least 70% of the African population depends directly on Agriculture.

In the villages, we see how much farmers hardly sell their products, how they store them after reaping.

Agritech startups haven’t been coming up much in the region but there is serious need of them to help farmers.

Ideas for Agritech startups can range from the way farmers get their grains, how they can grow their crops in terms of strategies, how farmers can store their products as many vegetables and fruit need to be kept well to stay for much longer, and finally the way which farmers can be connected to the global market, retailers and small firms.

Currently, the countries that dominate the agri-tech sector are Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana which represent 60 percent of agri-tech startups in Africa.

Technologies like drones, artificial intelligence, and mobile apps can assist farmers on how to get connected to the whole world, learning, and selling their products and as well as securing their products.

Agritech startups you may want to learn from,


Education sector with EdTech.

Another sector with challenges in the East African region and other countries in Africa as well is education. Delivering education to the youth in schools has many challenges from getting the content to how they can easily learn it.

Education plays an important role in the life and development of a country, even with all these ideas it’s hard to get them without education.

The quality of education and knowledge in a country cannot be over-emphasized. Many countries view education as a crucial human right and a fundamental criterion to measure the growth, development, and improvement of a country.

Although one of the main causes of poor education in the region is due to poverty, With the rising use of technology in schools to provide education startups can provide books, lessons using technology today.

Digital learning has been found to offer and provide educational experiences. By embracing digital devices and connected learning, classrooms around the country and around the East African region can not only connect students and schools to one another but also to share insights and boost learning, experience, and communications skills.

Education startups and platforms:

These are some of the most dominant sectors in the East African region with challenges that need solutions from the youth and their authorites. the youth today has the ability to change and provide solutions to these challenges, they have to study their community, and see how they can solve challenges. the challenges are many but with proper analysis and good support, they can be tackled. 

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