Rwanda Environment Ministry launches nationwide tree planting season

The Rwandese ministry of the environment today launched a tree planting season for the whole country.

tree planting season

Organized by the ministry of environment and other organizations, the planting season is set to increase community engagement and ownership in restoring the landscape of the country.

In the target of covering the 30 percent of Rwanda with forests, Marie Solange Kayisire the minister of cabinet affairs encouraged all the citizens who were at the launch of the 6 months countrywide plantation to protect and enlarge the forests of Rwanda to build a “green and healthy nation”

She also urged them to plant trees in their gardens and fruit around their homes for food security.

The global Target of the 6months nationwide tree planting season

Today’s launch was kicked off in Kicukiro district, Gatenga in Kigali, the set plan is to cover 180 hectares with agroforestry, 30 hectares with woodlots and rehabilitate at least 175 hectares of degraded forest lands.

In the planned 6 months, the total hectares of agroforestry are expected to be 38,119, and 4,800 hectares of classic forestry, 225,440 fruit trees planted, and to have rehabilitated 670 hectares of degraded forests lands in the whole country.

Up to now, 29.8 percent is reportedly covered with 17.9 is forests and 11.9 is covered in natural forests according to the ministry of environment.

The nationwide tree planting season is set to cover at least 43,589 hectares of land estimated to have been covered in the coming 6 months.

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