5 motivation tips and tricks every boss should know about employees.

Motivation is a critical aspect of the life and production of any company. However, a lot of managers show unawareness of this need, well they know what they need to do and I give them what to do. But a motivated employee can even surprise the boss and can sometimes be the boss of the boss. How? It all depends on the motivation one has towards his achievement and those of the organization.

All employees have expectations from a business and so do their bosses, they too have expectations from them, so what’s the problem when you have unmotivated employees who aren’t coming to work, not increasing productivity, not bringing up new things, not really in the fun zone of work they should be?

Research shows that there are several reasons behind an unmotivated workforce, and as a boss, you should know one of the top reasons for an unmotivated workforce maybe the boss.

But how do you find out the reason behind this and how do you treat it? Find more:

Here are 5 tips and tricks all bosses should know about motivation.

First, as the boss, you should know what is likely to demotivate employees, some of the most common factors that demotivate employees are:

  1. Lack of confidence in management decisions.
  2. Feeling under-appreciated.
  3. Unmanageable workload.
  4. Unsuitable working environment.
  5. Lack of communication and transparency.

5 tricks to work on and motivate your employees

1. Know the needs of your employees.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the most common motivational theory used to identify the needs of people classifies needs in these 5 categories: physiological, safety, love and belongingness, esteem and self-actualization needs. As a manager, you should know that if an employee at work isn’t performing as he/she should one of the reasons is she/he is not meeting her needs.

Although needs differ from a person and another, it is critical that a manager should be aware of what the employees need to better know how to treat them.

If you know that so e of the employees always come to work hungry because not all of them are on the same levels on the esteem needs, some still struggle to fulfill their physiological needs, as a manager a cup of tea or lunch can be a great way to motivate your employees, and will reduce the level of absenteeism at work.

2. Know how to treat them well and build trust.

In knowing their needs, as the boss you should have an idea of what a,b, and c want,  you should be aware of every employee suggestion to know the way to treat them, being open to them and allowing open discussions with them will not only build trust and make them feel as important to the organization, but they will also let you know what they want as employees to work at their best.

3. Appraise those who work hard.

Another factor that is crucial in the motivation of employees is an appraisal, you can’t expect someone working plus work hours and days to be motivated when all that effort is not recognized, Benefits and bonuses are the common types of appraisals given to employees but there are other non monetary bonuses you could give to your employees such as respect or advantages of work and profits of the business such as an office, parking lot, and other things that can show them that they are privileged.

This will surely motivate an employee who is truly working hard.

4. Know they are people and not machines.

Many managers have tackled the issues of the needs of the employees, and respect and appraise those that work hard, but one important and very crucial factor in employee motivation, part of the needs is rest. As a manager, you should be aware and Realize that they have social needs and other things to accomplish. You should give your workers time to rest, time to be with their families and accomplish their love and belongingness needs, not only that they need to be loved at work but also need to take time with those they love and care for.  

5. Give employees what to strive for.

As part of motivation at work, if your employees are good with you, knowing their needs, trusting one another, and good appraisal for additional effort, you should encourage some competitions because the same routine can become boring sometimes.

In addition, the competition will allow your employees to have the courage to show their top strengths and abilities. But as an employer encourage fair competition. And reward fairly with impartiality to avoid conflicts.

This has been proven t be one of the most adopted ways to increase sales and production of quality in businesses.

These 5 tips and tricks are very important to know as a manager in an organization. Your employees are your power without them, you can’t accomplish anything. Lastly, take in consideration their needs, as they fulfill your work, fulfill their most unmet and desired needs there you’ll build them and they will build you, and the results of your working atmosphere will be great not forgetting your production.

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