5 most important tips and tricks on how to fight procrastination.

Procrastination is one of the problems many people have in their lives. Very many of us have reached in times when at least once, we say well, “I’ll do it later”, but that “I’ll do it later” sometimes becomes never though it isn’t supposed to be like that. For some time now I have tried to link procrastination with the fear or low self-confidence because many people fear and postpone what was supposed to be done and do it later due to the fear of what could possibly be the results. 


Here are five most important tips and tricks you can use to fight procrastination.

     1. Minimize all interruptions and distraction.

This is one of the many factors that critically affect or trigger procrastination. One of the things to do and know if you want to fight procrastination is to stop distractions and all things which could interrupt your activities, many times we are on social networks, talking to friends even at the time when we are supposed to be working on other things, well friends aren’t bad but at the right time everything falls in the right place.

How to make it

Set a separate time of your day when to be fully in the moment, if work, no social media, nothing other than what is helping you achieve your daily tasks. No calls, no chatting, no emails, and memes. Here you’ll see yourself achieving great results when you’ll put all your attention and effort on what you are doing.


  1. Narrow your projects.

Big projects and plans can seem to be impossible, and this becomes a reason for you to set them another time, till the time reaches and then you set them again for a further time. Giving yourself a task more than the ability you have to handle it will be very overwhelming for you to face it.

How to make it

In narrowing your projects and plans down, you shall have more achievable goals, which can be done by steps. It will help you work slowly but advancing in the big project that you have, working on one thing at a time and after some time. You’ll see your results done.


  1. Choose the right time.

In part of removing distractions, sometimes we chose t do things at the wrongest time. And there comes, no not now, not because you couldn’t do it but because it is not at the right time.

How to make it

Choosing the right time of the day when you are more productive energetic and at your best strength will help you achieve more and in addition to that, this time should be linked to the distractions and interruption-free time to yield better results for you.


  1. Use the internet for what’s  beneficial.

Logging in and opening social media sites or messaging apps which won’t help you at your work won’t help you either to do anything at the right time.  Many times we are just taken by what’s trending than concentrating on what’s there to do.

How to make it

Technology hasn’t been so distracting only, but it has also brought ways to stop people who can make it, from distractions of using it for not productive purposes. Apps like Evernote and self-control have been made to help users keep away from social media. This will help you use only what you need.


  1. Remember why you have to do it.

Well, we may be off social networks, but still not working. Because we are unaware of the reason why we should or what we should be doing at that moment.

How to make it

In reminding yourself the reason to why you are working or why you need to accomplish certain tasks, it will motivate you and keep you from procrastination. You shall have the motivation and inspiration to accomplish what you need to do and at the right time.

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