7 things you need to put in your 2019 plan to be at the top as a young professional.

Well, 2018 is ending and just like all other years, so much happened but most importantly if you have been taught and strengthen by this year, you made something successful in your life.

The youth is the one that mostly gets surprised when the year ends, some realize how much they are aging fast, others, how much others like them have grown and made it through life, not bad but let this make you think, what about me? Yes, what about you?


Most of the young people are caught by thoughts and imagination, if this took most of your time this year, let is stop by this year, next year make a to-do plan. Turn your thoughts into actions.

Personally, I have learned that everything comes slowly and by coming slowly and going slowly, if you think creatively, you’ll rise slowly. Well, we are not in a race with anyone, some have opportunities they use and others have chances they don’t take, it’s up to you to choose the opportunities in front of you and start doing something.

With my experience this year I have observed some habits to adopt and things to take into consideration as a young professional, well many people are now in the pause time, no school, no activities to do, however, this is the right time to think constructively about your life, this time may be the chance you have to build a successful future you want.

Free time seems like a relaxing time, but if you are a young professional this is the time you need to utilize more than any obliged time. Construct it, benefit from it.

Some may think well after all these years at school, I have to rest now, but know, there is no time to waste, work, do something, learn, and rest. Rest after you know you have done something positive, to others or to yourself.

Here find 7 things you need to do or look for for a great 2019.

  1. Find a job

Don’t think of a job like an office, chair, and table, computer, or files in front of you, no. think of a job as anything that can generate you money. All you need is money, trust me, even if you sat in an office without getting paid, you wouldn’t be as happy as that who is cleaning and getting his money. So remove the mindset of sitting in an office and look for anything legal that can generate you money, and there are plenty of things you can do. Think like an entrepreneur.

  1. Stop playing games

One of the most difficult things for some of the youth is playing and joking, it’s not bad, but if whatever you are doing is not going to help you earn money you still have to find something better. You may feel like well joking is what am best at, well if it’s that case then make money with it.

  1. Be confident

Confidence will help you very much if you wish to succeed next year. Confidence helps one accomplish more, t helps you move that extra mile you thought you couldn’t move.

Youth, entrepreneur or any young professional without confidence fails so many things, not because of the inability but the bad effects that low self-confidence has on them. Now Is the time to change, to strengthen your inner self-belief and thoughts, learn from others on how to build your self.

  1. Look for opportunities

As young professional, energetic and eager to succeed, you will need to look for opportunities, convince people about your vision, invest time, look for money to make your vision a reality and start working on it. Most of the youth sit and wait for opportunities, well, not denying some may come towards them but 90% of the great opportunities come to those who are searching for them.

  1. Learn continuously

Never think you finished learning, learning doesn’t end. When you think you have finished learning to know that you have failed. As a young professional you’ll need to always be curious about news, new trends, new innovations and learn from them. The world keeps changing fast, technology keeps changing, the internet is almost free, look for the things that interest your vision, study, and study, be knowledgeable, take free online courses, join empowerment groups on social media and get inspired. You’ll be building your knowledge and it will benefit you very much.

  1. Set monthly goals.

As part of a successful plan, goals are very important. As a young professional, starting from the things I have mentioned above, they should be goals already, set monthly achievements, towards yourself. If knowledge, if classes you’ll have to take if an idea you want to implement, start and plan a small part of it and work on and evaluate your achievement at the end of each month to see what you have accomplished, and what you still need to do. And always remember failing is not the end of your goals, but a lesson of the steps to take.


  1. Focus

Well, all the above habits are critically important in making your next year a success, but the focus is on what will help you get what you planned. Without focus we lose the line, we lose strength using it in what wasn’t in the plan.

As a young professional, you will need to focus, and in focusing, you will need to set priorities as part of the plans you make.

Know what you want, how you want it, and what you need to do, learn, look for. If you go around looking for what comes, I assure you you’ll get all sorts of things, well you don’t have what you are focused on, but with focus, you will only search in the right places, in the right books, and in the right courses.

The focus will tell you what you need to do when you need to do it.


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