“A date with my Mother”: the only story you need to read today!

Struggling with a whisk and a bowl, holding it carefully lets it falls and my efforts spill on the floor. I am not sure how good it will come out because am actually following a recipe I got from my weekly Saturday magazine.

I trust myself in the kitchen so I soldier on. “Wow! You are up early, where are you going? “She asks. “Nowhere, for once let me save you the trouble of waking me up” I reply giggling. She burst into laughter. And there! It was just the beginning.

“Oh and don’t worry about the house chores I’m on it, you can go back to sleep,” I say smiling. She gives me suspicious look in a good way and walks out of the kitchen. One thing with her, she can never go back to sleep. Even when I offer to do all the chores – which I’ve done a more than once; She always finds something to do and gets busy. That’s just mum.

My pancakes were finally coming along and as I overturn the last piece, my phone beeps, looking at it I simply smile on how everything is falling into place. I pace up and down trying to get done with house chores. “Mum, could you take me somewhere? I want to buy an outfit for a fancy event and I want you to help me choose.” “Of course I will,” she says, “as long as you are paying my fare.”

We both laugh out loud. Mum always has good taste; a sense of fashion always knowing appropriate dresses for different occasions. She is an expert especially when it comes to dressing me . With her advice, I can never go wrong. As soon as I was done cleaning she was done dressing up and I had just set breakfast on the table. I went to prepare and in two hours we were done, ready to leave.

On the way, I was telling her about the event and the guests that would be present. When we arrived in town I told her there is a specific shop I wanted us to check out first. On our way there I call Chris; I had hired a private car and asked Chris a very good friend of mine to be our chauffeur for the day.

Chris arrived after twenty minutes. I told mum the boutique is not in town so we will go with Chris. “What? Where is this boutique? Do we really have to go there?” Mum asked. “Relax mum it’s going to be worth it. I promise” I said. After thirty minutes we arrived at our destination. Classic Resort and Spa

We got out the car and I told Chris I’d call him after we were done. My Mother was mesmerized. I could see the shock and excitement on her face. “Dayo, what are we doing here?” Mom asked. “As I told you relax it’s going to be worth it.” We got in and as I was talking to the receptionist I noticed mum couldn’t help but walk around admiring the artifacts and paintings on the wall and how luxurious it all was.

From all the designs, warm colors, atypical angles, I could say this is exactly what we need. I had made reservations for a spa treatment; the famous rejuvenating Kaya spa. My mother works so hard for me and the rest of the family. She never complains but I could see how exhausted she gets. I wanted to give her a day off, make her feel relaxed.

She does everything for everyone so it was time she had someone taking care of her. One of the attendants asked us to follow her. Mum was still shocked. She asked me to tell her what was going on so I did. “I wanted to surprise you, so I made up a story about the event so that you would come with me. I want to make this Mother’s Day memorable.

You have worked so hard, done a lot for us and sacrificed a lot for me and I love you so much for that. Let me do this one thing for you.” I said. The reaction on her face was of incalculable worth; I could see the emotions pile up and happiness on her face. “Thank you so much, my daughter,” she said with tears trickling down her face. “Mum please do not cry you are going to make me cry too,” I said while giving her a hug. I get so emotional at times. Whether extremely happy or so sad it always gets the best of me and I end up crying. I am sure you can tell where I got that from.

“Here we are.” Our attendant said. “OH MY GOD! “ We both exclaimed. The spa reflected an enchantment of the Kaya Forests and still held its glamorous and sophisticated design of its warmth and personality. It was a quiet, relaxing, well-designed environment with soothing music, low lighting, and pleasant aroma that swept us off our feet. The steam room had black granite walls, white orchids on each corner and the lighting was just perfect.

The sight of it gave me a soulgasm. We were each given white robes with golden hems to change into and prepare for a steam bath. After the steam bath, two ladies came with broad smiles on their face and said, “We will be your masseuses for today.” My mum looked at me and broke down in tears. I couldn’t stop it this time. I wiped off her tears and told her how much she deserved it all.

Our masseuses led the way and asked to lie on the table under the top sheets. “Relax your muscles and your mind. Breathe normally and try not to tighten or contract your muscles” They said. We lay comfortably facing each other. As we were talking, mum asked if dad knew about this. I smiled and answered, “He had a hand in it too; we all knew you needed this.”

The masseuses knew how and where to adjust pressure and were very attentive to the sore spots and made sure we were both very comfortable. I could see mum smiling with her eyes closed, it was an overall look of utter serenity. The moment was priceless.

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