Check the Top three abilities you need to have to be an outstanding young professional in Africa.

Young people have a lot of biases against them and their abilities, from schools, workplaces to the communities that we live in due to many factors like culture, and rules sometimes the biases become too much even when you are speaking the truth you may not be heard because of your appearance or age.

However, this sometimes distracts our abilities and puts our beliefs aside, sometimes leading to depression and self-depreciation.

Today I will be sharing 3 abilities that young professionals need to have in Africa to be outstanding, at work, school, and in their communities.

abilities to improve
Foundation of good Skills are Knowledge and Abilities.



Self-esteem comes first on my list, many young people feel like as if they are not able because of where they come from, the people around them or their communities, however, this is wrong, as a young professional educated, and trained, you have the ability to change the world. Self -esteem is the evaluation of your worth. Simply what you think and feel of yourself.

People with high self-esteem accomplish more, take risks whenever needed, they feel accepted, they are proud of what they do and want to accomplish, and they believe in themselves.

Some of the things that destroy our self-esteem as young people are the people in our lives, they strongly affect how we feel about ourselves if you are surrounded by people who focus on what’s good about you, you will feel good about your self.

The way we think also affects our self-esteem many young people have the fear of doing things due to the negative voices they tell themselves in their minds, or what they have been told by others. However, this can be changed, there are many ways to improve and adjust your self-esteem as a young professional.

A few of the proven ways to increase your self-esteem

  • Surround yourself with people who appreciate and encourage you to be the best of you.
  • Accept that there are things you can’t do and set goals to work on those things.
  • Tell positive things to yourself.
  • Focus on what is positive more.
  • Give and help others.


2. Self-confidence

Self-confidence is sometimes misunderstood with self-esteem but they are not the same, self-esteem is an evaluation of one worthwhile self-confidence is one’s own personal judgment, ability, and power or authority not in an arrogant way but in a realistic and good manner which is typically within a person, although they share some aspects.

No one is born with high self-confidence if someone is very confident its because they have taken time to build it.

And so can you, self-confidence is a life goal, even the people who seem to be too confident have some fears when it comes to certain things. Self-confident people feel they can, they are always ready to tackle challenging situations with their skills and abilities.

How you can adjust your self-confidence

  • Accept yourself as you.
  • Challenge yourself every day to accomplish that hard goal before you.
  • Don’t allow failure, be set to win and have the courage.
  • Trust your abilities.
  • Be highly motivated

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3. Emotional Intelligence

One of the most challenging things that kill our confidence and self-esteem is emotional intelligence. Not such a common aspect of being an outstanding person but it is very important. The lower it is the harder and negative it will affect you and those around you, the higher the better, trusted you’ll be within and to those around you.

Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to be aware of their emotions and those of others. It involves a combination of one’s competencies to allow a person to understand, be aware and be able to control their emotions and recognize and understand those of others to foster their success and that of other people.

People with high emotional intelligence understand emotions may they be physical, mental or social and how they impact their lives on how they want to achieve their goals. They are able to moderate emotions so that their emotions support their everyday activities and better their lives.

Those with high emotional intelligence feel motivated, focused, aware of themselves, control themselves, and use how they feel wisely.

How you can improve your Emotional Intelligence

  • Pay more attention to how you behave
  • Respond more than reacting
  • Control your moods right
  • Be empathetic
  • Take critic well

Know that all these abilities are not things you will say, ‘am about to finish to acquire them’ but these take time. Good things take time, you have to evaluate yourself every day, see how you are improving in these abilities using these ways stated for each and other ways to improve. 

Young people need to be confident and feel valuable, but also need to know how to live with others to be outstanding.  

Great Skills are built on knowledge and abilities.

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