Have you ever asked yourself, after reading a news story, questions like how this information helps me in my professional life? Or how can my business benefit from this trend? If So, you are in the right Place!

RegionWeek helps Africa Young Professionals get news about changes happening in Africa. Along the news, we share tips and strategies on how to cope and benefit from new trends and changes across the continent.

We examine the evolution of African Business Communities and how Political leaders are shaping the Future of the continent. This Website is about African stories, it is focused on covering the rise of Africa, sharing success stories, innovation, community development and Women’s initiatives.


About Fabrice Iranzi (Editor in Chief & coFounder)

I love to tell stories and Inspire people but also, I love having fun, playing Guitar, reading about technology and everything involves videomaking, drawing, and cartoons.(Follow me on Twitter)

For the last 5 years, I founded Visafrica ( Digital Marketing Agency) where I made more than 500 videos for companies. In 2014 I won an award for my animated short ” Autodestruction”.

My team I and  write and discuss on African news, entrepreneurship, social media, leadership, and on occasion stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into these categories. We occasionally write also about what is happening around the world.


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