Burundi :What are the achievements in the education sector during 2017?

The Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ms. Janvière Ndirahisha (photo), has drawn up Monday, January 22, 2018 the report of achievements of his ministry during the year 2017.

According to Ms. Ndirahisha, an internal evaluation carried out by the ministry’s monitoring and evaluation unit shows that the activities planned under the Annual Action Plan (AAP) were carried out at 83% rating of 82.6%. The few activities that have not been realized or that have not been partly related to unsuccessful public procurement or lack of financial resources. The process of putting in place certain regulatory texts that take time has also been a handicap. Indeed, in the context of improving learning conditions and the quality of training at both basic and post-basic levels, Ms Ndirahisha cited, among other things, the training of more than 4,000 second-year teachers of post-fundamentals and their directors on the use of educational tools and the creation of integration tools. She also reported that under the “Back to School” program, 1,720,056 corrected textbooks for grade 7 students and 34,400 teacher’s guides have been printed and distributed to all Basic schools in the country through support. financial support. Some 1,056,000 textbooks for Grade 8 students, together with 24,000 guides for teachers in the same grade, were distributed, as well as 15,000 guides for Grade 9 teachers.

Teachers who received unduly unpaid wages were highlighted

In terms of achievements in strengthening good administrative governance, the Minister in charge of Education highlighted the redeployment of staff. According to her, this operation involved more than 4800 people, both teachers and administrators. According to Ms. Ndirahisha, the redeployment has allowed the government to update the real human resource needs that can guide subsequent recruitment objectively. Thanks to this operation, she says, the state has saved in the order of 8,569,800,000 FBu per year, and fraudulent cases of teachers who received unduly unpaid wages were highlighted, so that the culprits have already begun to repay the amounts unduly received. According to Minister Ndirahisha, the legal plan has also been strengthened, and the various services have been provided with legal instruments that serve as guides in steering and managing the education system.

She has not ignored the supervision of summer camps

Important decisions were thus taken by ministerial orders, particularly in terms of the management of the scholarship and internships, the opening of the sectors or new institutions, the harmonization of the standard school rules applicable to the basic and post-secondary, fundamental schools, to the sanction of some non-performing schools or the setting of school fees. She has not ignored the supervision of summer camps for thousands of young people on vacation across the country and the organization of inter-school and interuniversity sports championships which she believes contribute to strengthening the fraternity and the patriotic spirit in young people.

According to the Minister of Education, the organization and conduct of the state exam, the end-of-cycle and basic competition were a success. The same goes for the entrance exam to the Faculty of Medicine, 2017 edition, and the entrance exam for the 7th year classes in the schools of excellence.

“For the first time ever, the ministry has organized recruitment tests for teachers in schools of excellence to enhance the quality of the education it provides,” she said.

According to Ms. Ndirahisha, the achievement rate in the department is the result of the combined efforts. The ministry has benefited from sustained support from the country’s highest authorities, social, technical and financial partners. “We were honored with three visits by His Excellency the President of the Republic and four visits by the 2nd Vice President of the Republic, which are an eloquent proof of their commitment to make education a real national priority”, did she say. Cooperation with the social, technical and financial partners has been exceptional, said Ms Ndirahisha. In this context, the civic involvement of the teachers’ unions in the redeployment operation, and that of the religious denominations in the harmonization of the regulations and the school-type convention is an eloquent testimony. Ms. Ndirahisha recommended that her department’s staff give due attention to the factors that prevented the maximum achievement of the AAP in order to act accordingly to significantly improve the department’s performance.

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