The Head of the African Development Bank meets the 1st vice president H.E. Gaston Sindimwo

After the head of the African Development Bank Daniel Ndoye met with the second vice president last week, Yesterday 7th November 2018, he met the 1st vice president HE. Gaston Sindimwo.



Yesterday the head of the African Development Bank, Mr. Daniel Ndoye met the 1st Vice President of Burundi Gaston Sindimwo. they talked o strengthening cooperation between the government of Burundi and the African Development Bank. They also talked on the programs to be initiated in support of implementing ng the National Development Plan of 2017-2018 set by the Burundian government.

Know that last week he had met with the second Vice President  H.E. Joseph Butore where they talked on more on the projects.

The African Development Bank promised to engage on applying the national development plan of 2018-2017. It reiterated its engagement to support the Burundian government in the application and implementation of the National Development Plan.

This was announced yesterday, in Bujumbura by the head of the African Development Bank in Burundi, Mr. Daniel Ndoye in his interview after he was received in audience by the first vice president of Burundi in a courtesy call after his debut in his work in Burundi.

Mr. Ndoye explained that he took advantage of the courtesy call to make clear the cooperations between Burundi and the African Development Bank which he calls a good quality cooperation.

Know that the African Development Bank has been working with the government of Burundi since 1972 and has been working in sectors like transport, energy agriculture and finances.

In addition, as Mr. Ndoye had promised on the behalf of the African Development Bank, the talks have started with businessmen and stakeholders to identify the best ways and the best fields to follow up to ensure that they work efficiently on the National Development Plan.

“We received the enlightened guidance of the 1st Vice President of the Republic on how to strengthen our cooperations in the sectors that are most relevant. We have noted this and everything will be part of the work we will have to do and have new cooperation frameworks that will be defined between Burundi and the African Development Bank” Mr. Ndoye pointed.

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