Agriculture: ‘A driving force in the development of more than 90% of Burundians’.

In Burundian country, agriculture is seen as a ‘driving force in the development of more than 90% of Burundians’, said the Burundi Minister in charge of Agriculture when he was presenting the achievements of his ministry for the first half of 2018-2019.

Mr. Déo Guide Rurema

The Ministry in charge of Agriculture, Mr. Déo Guide Rurema,  said that he is satisfied with his Ministry’s achievements. Mr. Déo Guide Rurema said this on March 6, 2019, in gathering with his staff ministry.

‘Agriculture, a driving force in society’s development’.

In his speech, Minister Rurema recalled that Agriculture occupies 90% of the population, stating that it is composed of food crops and exportation goods such as coffee, tea, and cotton which have great importance for the lives of citizens and the country.

According to an ABP report, the Minister in charge of Agriculture spoke of achievements during the first half of  2018-2019. In the field of agriculture, Rurema discussed the national distribution policy of chemical fertilizers at affordable prices.

Since 2013, the country used 18,500 tonnes of chemical fertilizers, while at the end of 2018, we reached 50,000 tons of chemical fertilizers.

Other projects realized by the Ministry of Agriculture’.

Rurema enumerated other achievements in his ministry such as ‘marshy places development‘ especially for the farming of rice that is currently being grown even in the countryside whereas before, it was cultivated only in the Imbo valleys.

He said that the ‘selected seed distribution program’ is being implemented; and invited the Burundian people to use it appropriately, arguing that the selected seeds are resistant to diseases and give a better production.

In the case of export plants, the Minister in charge of Agriculture reported that efforts have been made to increase production.

In the field of Livestock, the Minister in charge of Livestock mentioned policies implementing national programs, including the distribution of small and large livestock in partnership with IFAD(International Fund for Agricultural Development), artificial insemination and fishponds farming that citizens work together in cooperatives.

In the field of the Environment, there have been resilient works on climate change such as reforesting on high slopes and contouring as well as planting herbs maintaining well the soil.


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