An Agritech startup from Ghana raises US$300.000 funds.

A Ghanaian Agritech startup called Cowtribe raised 300.000 funds from an American based foundation called Draper Richards Kaplan.



A Ghanian Agritech Startup named CowTribe announced that it secured US$300.000 funds from Draper Richards Kaplan, an American based foundation. The startup aims at providing animal vaccines faster to the people who need them and via mobile phone, texts or USSD. The company operates in 4 regions of Ghana so far but hopes to have covered the whole of Ghana within 18 months and is looking forward to achieving this with the funds secured.


This was announced via a tweet were Cowtribe said “We’ve got exciting news for you this morning. @CowTribe has secured a $300,000 USD #seedfunding investment from the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation.Twitter post.

Cowtribe is a Ghanaian Agritech startup launched in 2016 when it got the chances to be named the Ghanaian leg at the seedstar world competition. It is an organization that came to ease the procurement of livestock medicines by enabling people to order animal vaccines via texts, mobile phones, and USSD.

Agritech vaccinating cows

Cowtribe acquires and aggregates affordable vaccines from larger suppliers and delivers them to farmers through a network of qualified agents.

The Agritech startup aims to cover ten regions of Ghana in the next coming months as it hopes to reduce the losses made by livestock diseases as they reported that over US$3 billion is lost by farmers every year due to the diseases.

According to the startup, it aims to expand to more regions in Ghana with the raised 300.000 funds from Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation.

Since its launch cow tribe is reported to have served over 30.000 farmers in more than 120 villages and has gotten more than 9.000 vaccines requested worth US$100.000.

The co-founder of Cowtribe Peter Awin says that one of their goals is to establish the first mover advantage in Ghana, “Key goals include establishing first mover advantage in Ghana, building a strong brand equity and ensuring that it is economically non-viable for competition to secure market share within Cowtribe’s market.” he said.

In addition, he hopes to expand to serve in other African countries as well, particularly Mali and Burkina Faso as aims for the long run.

Know that Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation is an organization that funds and gives support to early-stage enterprises with a high social impact in fighting rising global issues.

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