Alibaba founder Jack Ma opens the first Electronic World Trade Platform in Rwanda

After the Chinese billionaire and founder of the Alibaba group, Mr. Jack Ma was expected to arrive yesterday in East Africa Rwanda. Today he has opened the first World electronic World Trade Platform in Rwanda.

cofounder of alibaba in rwanda

This was the most expected action of his visit to Rwanda and through this second visit, it is the first things he has done.


Chinese Billionaire and founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma has officially launched the eWTP, the electronic World Trade Platform in Rwanda. This platform is an innitiative  conceptualized by Mr. Jack Ma. It is an initiative that will come to ease participation for small and medium based firms in global trade and also give them the chance to participate in the development of the digitalized economy.

As a result of strong relations and cooperations between Alibaba group and the government of Rwanda, the eWTP is one of them.

This initiative had come in talks earlier and the talks have today become the walk.

“We have to make things a reality; whether this agreement is good or not will depend on the results.”

According to the founder of Alibaba, today is a “historic day” because it will change the way Rwandans do business with the electronic world Trade Platform.

In addition, he urged Rwandans to take advantage of this initiative, “We are making new rules for the future, we are making improvements for the world trade,” he said.

Other initiatives Jack Ma will work on during this visit in Rwanda are with the Rwanda Development Board.

Alibaba has over 500million consumers and has the largest online commerce platform. The Rwanda Development Board will help small to medium enterprises sell their products through the online marketplaces of Alibaba.

Other initiatives Alibaba will launch

The Fliggy, Alibaba’s travel services which will help Rwanda get the spot and gain tourists attention. It will help people all around the world have information in the Rwanda tourism store like hotels, travel experiences through videos.

The Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial which will share financial skills and expertise like mobile transaction methods.

These initiatives will help many people in Rwanda and will hopefully create more jobs and ease the way businesses work.

Entrepreneurs and youth will also take advantage of all these initiatives.

Rwanda has become the first country to implement the eWTO In Africa and Alibaba has set a goal to expand and open initiate similar platforms across Africa.

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