All eyes on Burundi as it celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Burundi has joined the international community to celebrate on Monday, December 10, 2018, the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the ceremonies were enhanced by the presence of the Burundian minister of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender, Mr. Martin Nivyabandi in the Gatumba zone, Mutimbuzi commune in Bujumbura province (west).

WHY IT MATTERS: Burundi celebrates this 70th anniversary of the Human Rights whereas some global human rights activists are calling on Bujumbura to desist from perpetrating the alleged human rights abuse, let the expert and investigators in for a full review of the prevailing situation in Burundi.

Bujumbura denies these allegations, stating that they are ‘mere smears‘ against the sovereign Burundi state.

In Burundi, the 70th celebration has seen representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Burundi,
organizations of the United Nations system, provincial authorities, and the local population.

Burundi to continue to uphold human rights, but rejects any outside interference.

The minister in charge of human rights said that Burundi has always promoted and protected human rights and will continue to enforce them.

He continued to say that Burundi will continue to cooperate with the international institutions on promotion and protection of human rights by the production of initial reports and periodicals but will not accept interference with which it is the victim today.

Burundi is not here to please anyone, it has experts in human rights and institutions of their protection. It only needs the means to do it “, Nivayabandi declared, adding that “Burundi intends to return to good customs because that is where it can get the right values “.

UN in Burundi recognizes the milestone reached in upholding Human rights.

The resident coordinator of the United Nations system in Burundi, Dr. Conille Garry, welcomed the significant progress made by Burundi in guaranteeing and realizing the human rights, especially by the ratification of most international human rights conventions.

Dr. Conille Garry also welcomed the fact that Burundi has put in place a number of regulations to protect Victims, Witnesses, and Others at Risk (June 27, 2016), the Convention Act on gender-based violence of 12 September 2016 and the law on the protection of persons of 10 January 2018.

Dr. Conille encouraged Burundi to move forward and reassured that the entire United Nations family will remain with them as long as it is important to work for the respect and protecting the rights and freedoms of the people and defending the weakest.

It should be noted that this celebration coincided with the closing of the sixteen days of activism
against violence against women and girls. In his introductory words, the governor of Bujumbura province,  Ms. Nadine Gacuti indicated that the administration has sensitized households to freely register their marriages. 

She indicated that there are still households who live in unregistered marriage unions and which must follow suit by legalizing their own marriage unions like others.

PARCEM calls for spreading of the Human Rights in the Burundians.

On the sidelines of this celebration, the president of the local NGO PARCEM (Word and action for the awakening of consciences and changing mentalities), Mr. Faustin Ndikumana, recommended the popularization or spreading of the Human Rights declaration in Burundi and respect for human rights.

Ndikumana has even recalled that the 1948 Human Rights Declaration marked the change in the world because it was on the basis of the decolonization process. For him, this date had the merit of being a decisive step in the strengthening of the culture of human rights around the world.

Mr. Ndikumana also welcomed the fact that for some time, the Burundian government has entered the Human Rights Declaration status in the fundamental texts as like the Constitution.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Today marks 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but some activists are still not yet convinced that some countries such as Burundi, China, Cuba, DR Congo, Qatar Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela sit on the UN Human Rights Council.

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