7 things you should give up to be successful as a young professional

Young people have a lot of things they get caught up in, especially after school, like graduates and undergraduates. This time is the time when they have to think of their lives and find the real purpose or goals that they need to achieve in life. Many do this while still in school but when they come to the real life somethings change. Here are the 7 things you need to give up to be successful as a young professional.

1. Wasting time

Time is everything, we live, we create and succeed in time. Using time well, creatively for successful purposes is one way that will certainly lead you to success.

7 habits to sto to be successful
How do you spend your time?

Taking an example of 10 minutes a day, by lazing for 10 minutes a day makes it 70 minutes a week, that’s 3650 minutes per year(10×365) but sadly we spend more than that.
If a patient would be taken a minute late for surgery it would surely cost his/her life. In that same perspective, our time should be spent well.

How we spend time is a determining factor of what we achieve in our lives, even one-second counts.
Look at your time, spend it creatively and surely success will be waiting for you.

2.  Ignoring the vision you have due to fear

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe.
-Oprah Winfrey-

No matter where you are, what you are going through today, you can have the future you want. But what is certain no one escapes the rule of the harvest, you reap what you sow therefore plant with great awareness.
A vision is a clear mental picture of a preferred future, the image you have, determines the steps and decisions you make today.

You as a vision bearer, no one can better design your future than yourself. You are an artist and a creator, your life can be as you want it to be whether it may or not be the success for others, only you know what you want. Realize it.

3. Entertaining Distractions

As young people, almost everything is a distraction from what is truly important but you need to put priorities first. Don’t give room for distractions but rather put all your attention, strength, mind and focus on what truly matters.

Although your personal values and relations are very precious and can’t be compared to anything.
In keeping time well managed with a good vision, it will help you cut short anything that is less important from your life and will help you focus to what is truly beneficial.

4.  Having a small vision

Your vision needs to be very wide, aim far from what you know you can do. If you think you can’t be a model as an entrepreneur make that your vision if you think you can’t be on the Forbes list make that your vision and pursue it.

A student can have a vision of achieving a bachelor degree and another can have a vision of getting a PhD, all of them will do what they can to achieve their goals, but the one with a vision of getting a Ph.D. will also have to get a bachelors in order to have a Ph.D., which means for him a bachelor degree is an objective.

5.  Tv and sleeping too much

“Why are there no Tv commercial adverts for the most expensive cars?”
“Because people who can afford them are not watching Tv”

Tv and sleeping represent a huge investment of time in this 21st century( the average person spends 21 hours a week on tv and sleeps 56 hours a week) that’s a total of 77 hours a week. If you could calculate that time in criteria of a year you would see that having a good handle on them is very important as a good timekeeper and a focused person.

6.  Procrastination

“Ah no, let me wait, I’ll do it later,..tomorrow,…”

Newton’s law states that a body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Do not look at a project as an endless road of steps, look at the first thing you have to do then take the first step. Once you have taken the first step the second will follow and the next will continue and continue, in no time you will realize that you have completed your task. To prevent procrastination know the first step and have the courage to get going. 

7.  Not believing in yourself.

In the world we live in that is full of things that make you feel like you can’t achieve anything, a world that puts you down. What else can be expected?  The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is not the intelligence or the opportunities mostly, its the belief that they can achieve their goals.

Don’t let negative thoughts break your motivation and your courage, be positive, believe in yourself for the change, innovate, take the first step and pursue your success. Your courage is the key.

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