Burundi Attorney General rejects a video broadcast by BBC television.

The Burundian Attorney general has denied and rejected a video broadcast by a  BBC television. The Attorney General of the Republic Mr. Sylvestre Nyandwi has, on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018, held a press briefing to deny a video report of the BBC channel on the violation of human rights in Burundi.

According to Mr. Nyandwi, the television channel of BBC aired, December 04, 2018, a video that, according to the commentator on the video, relates the continuation of acts of violation of the human rights in Burundi, following the mass demonstrations against another term that was launched in April 2015.

In this report, Nyandwi said, it is reported to have been a torture and assassination committed by the  National Service Intelligence agents (SNR) allegedly perpetrated in a house located in the Kinindo neighborhood.

The video shows a stream of blood that flows in a gutter in the vicinity of this building, claiming that it was the blood of those killed in the building, Nyandwi said.

The Attorney General of the Republic indicated that after the investigations carried out by the Public Ministry, the house described in the video is currently guarded by police, adding that no SNR agent is present at the house.

This decision came when there was a seizure of a large number of weapons in the same house on November 27, 2015.

Nyandwi recalled that on that date, an assassination attempt was perpetrated against an MP Zénon
Ndaruvukanye and people involved in this attack were apprehended and one of them had revealed this cache of weapons.

With regard to the investigations, Mr. Nyandwi stated that after questioning the owner of a neighboring house and other neighbors of the controversial building, the Public Ministry concluded that the recounted facts never occurred in this house or its surroundings.

Nyandwi added that the red liquid shown in the video is only blood of goats slaughtered by a Muslim neighbor of the house during the festival of sheep. Nyandwi says that this has been confirmed and said by this Muslim has ordered his domestics to slaughter these animals and the neighbors.

Mr. Nyandwi said that with regard to the so-called clandestine prisons scattered in various corners of the country, the authors of the video affirm it without providing any proof of their existence.

The Attorney General of the Republic has also pointed out that since it was reported of secret prisons in various reports on human rights violations in Burundi and in the media, reports that were rejected and denied by the government, the police had the opportunity to visit different media and human rights observers from the African Union.

They were able to realize that these charges were unfounded, said Mr. Nyandwi.

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