Burundi Celebrates the International Child Rights day.

The day dedicated to the rights of the child was celebrated yesterday 20th November 2018 at the youth center of Kamenge as celebrated in other parts of the world.



The international child rights day was celebrated yesterday in Burundi, in the youth center of Kamenge. different representatives of international and national organizations defending and promoting child rights were presented at the event. There were activities were children asked the leaders of These organizations questions concerning the promotion, protection and implementation of the rights of the child in Burundi, other questions were about the implementation of the launch of the project initiated by the government called “Humura Kibondo” meaning “be at peace child”.

The event was also marked by a quiz were questions where asked to the children, the winners were given prizes.

In addition, the theme in the celebration was to contribute combined effort to guarantee hope and a better future for all children, marking some of the activities that took place in the event which ended in a joyful dance of all the attendants of the celebration.

The celebration was themed, “Let’s combine our efforts to guarantee hope and a better future for all children”.

The event was marked with a live radio broadcast animated by children journalists.

Following the theme of the day, they also had a concert and a quiz competition was organized where children were asked questions to answer. The winners were presented with prizes composed of a radio, an umbrella, soap and a pack of sugar in the aim to implement the theme, “Let’s combine our efforts to guarantee hope and a better future for all children”.

In the broadcast, the children journalists asked questions concerning the activities that govern the respect of the rights of the child. To the Minister in charge of Human Rights Mr. Martin Nivyabandi, the children wanted to know how the activities of implementation of the project “Humura Kibondo” meaning “be at peace child” that the government of Burundi initiated for the fight against child neglection.

The minister responded that the project was inaugurated in the province of Karusi in Gihogazi precisely, indicating that the people responsible are working and that the evaluation will be done soon.

According to him, children are involved and he assures that it is going well. The project is largely contributing to the wellbeing of children, in areas like cleanness, school, learning of little work and other activities.

The government of Burundi also took measures to remove all the children from the streets, he responded to this saying that the measures are not very easy, but he indicated that in collaboration with partners, they are changing the approach. Instead, of putting them in public centers, they privilege to put the children back to their places of origin.  

Some of the accomplishments he stated are that about 2000 children have already been taken back to their communities and he rejoices that many of them were able to stay in their communities without trying to flee.

He added that in the ministry in charge of human rights in partnership with the organizations with the aim of supporting children like UNICEF, Mr. Nivyabandi states that they will help these children to work on small projects of development.

A director in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Patriotic Training and Local Development informed of the team which is registering all children on streets so that they can all be known by the country.

He also stated on the big issue of children who are born outside of marriage, to fathers who deny them as their children and are not registered due to that cause.

Serious measure and effort will be taken to stop this practice, he noted, indicating that the ministry plans to seriously implement this on the local administrators.

The children also asked to know the role of UNICEF in the protection and promotion of the rights of the child.

According to the representative of UNICEF is enforcing to the government to effectively realize the rights of children. Concerning the big projects of the future for the promotion of child rights, UNICEF is trying to take part in the biggest plants of the governments which concern children, as described in the National Development Plan.

The event ended in a joyful dance of a children’s rights song by the minister and directors of his ministry as well as the representatives of the organization not forgetting the children of Kamenge.

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