Burundi civil aviation safety in line with international aviation standards.

Burundi Minister of Transport, Public Works, Equipment and Spatial Planning, Mr. Jean Bosco Ntunzwenimana carried out a guided tour of Bujumbura International Airport to see how standards are being implemented, contained in Civil Aviation Safety Regulations in Annex 17 to the Chicago Convention.

At the end of the visit, Minister Ntunzwenimana indicated, in a press briefing, that according to the report of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) audit carried out from August 30 to September 2018, and which came two months later to the Burundian authorities, this implementation of international standards are at 80.44% then that it was 1.54% in the audit carried out in 2008.

As such, he said, the Government of Burundi congratulates the Civil Aviation Authority of Burundi as well as the others stakeholders, for seriousness and rigor demonstrated, in the interest of protecting the public user of air services in Burundi against malicious acts and directed threats against civil aviation.

He added that the government encourages to always improve the implementation of these standards.
To the question of how his services were able to achieve these performances, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, Emmanuel Habimana reported that since the beginning of the year 2015, when he was appointed, together with the management team, they organized training for qualification both internally and internationally for all aviation civil stakeholders.

They made regulatory texts at all levels starting with the Aviation Code which is important law.
According to Mr. Habimana. At this level, during the ICAO audit, the performance was very satisfactory. The establishment of the Civil Aviation Authority and its operation has been as well listed by ICAO during the audit.

The Civil aviation Authority is up to date on the latest improvements.

The other area that has scored points is the implementation of regulations issued by the Minister having civil aviation in his attributions according to Mr. Habimana. The other area concerns the establishment of national programs and committees which make the monitoring and the implementation of national programs, airport safety programs, and operator of safety programs.

The way to separate the airside and the city side was another important point. That is to say that they put everything in place so that no one could cross the city side towards the airside without being controlled in accordance with international civil aviation safety standards.

Mr. Habimana reassured that his institution is prepared to deal with an aircraft that would pose an act of unlawful interference. This aircraft can be driven to an isolated parking lot and managed without altering. normal airport operations.

Destruction areas of the explosives that would be on board such an aircraft have been planned. He has
finally mentioned that today ICAO follows online if the performances left on the spot were maintained or even increased

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