Burundi considering the eradication of school dropout.

The Burundi Ministry of Education in collaboration with CARE International held this Wednesday, December 19, in the province of Cibitoki(North-Western Burundi) a meeting of Coordination of Education to take strategies for the eradication of drop-out and pregnancy in schools, for administrators municipal directors of education (DCE) and the chairpersons of management of primary schools.

Institutionalization of the person of aunt and father schools, as an eradication strategy against school-based sexual violence and pregnancy is a recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Education, technical and vocational training to schools from the first month from the second quarter of 2018 to 2019, according to Jeanine Ihorihoze, Director General of Basic and Post-Primary Education.

After the analysis of how the dropout rates rose during these last three years, her ministry must take up strategies for the future of the country, she said.

In his exhibition on the dropout stages, she gave the example of the first quarter of 2017-2018, with 2,893,298 students enrolled at the national level, 280,605 cases of school drop-out were recorded, that is to say, a rate of 9.7%.

Causes of school dropout.

In the same period, the Cibitoke School District recorded 3,721 drop-out cases school. The causes of school drop-out include insecurity, the social economic status, the need for rising workforce and labor; overstaffing in classes, lack of teachers, early marriages, mineral exploitation; breakdown of food stocks for canteen schools, etc.

Family education proposed to eradicate school dropout.

Ms. Ihorihoze recalled the consequences of school drop-out among students or schoolgirls-mothers like discrimination and social stigma.

To overcome the phenomena of school drop-out and pregnancy in schools, Ms. Ihorihoze proposes to make use of the basic family education around the home, which teaches young people the cultural values of the country.

She announced that soon an information module “the world begins with me” will be introduced in schools so that young pupils grow up in a balanced environment, giving complete and correct information so that they are not disoriented by their companies.

According to the senior adviser to the Governor of Cibitoke, Mr. Anicet Saidi, who opened the meeting, the sustainable development of a country is based on the good education that is given to its offspring, hence the need to work hard with all partners, so that in 2025 the situation of the province is zero pregnancy in school and zero cases of dropout.

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