Burundi declares 3 UN experts ‘persona non grata’.

Burundi closes its doors to three UN investigators. They are Senegalese Doudou Diène, Cameroonian Lucy Asuagbor, and British Françoise Hampson, declared persona non grata throughout Burundian territory.


WHY IT MATTERS:Bujumbura accuses them of publishing a “slanderous and deceptive report” on September 5, according to a note dated September 11 signed by Burundian Foreign Minister Ezechiel Nibigira.

The incriminated report to which the Burundian authorities refer relates to the state of human rights in the East African nation. The three experts warned that serious violations of human rights, including crimes against humanity, continued unabated in Burundi, denouncing on occasion the “recurrent calls for hatred” of President Pierre Nkurunziza.

“This climate of attack on human rights continues to be favored by recurrent calls for hatred and violence by authorities, including the head of state, and members of the CNDD-FDD (party in power), as well as through general impunity, “the report said.

BOTTOM LINE: This decision by the burundi regime to declare ‘persona non grata’ 3 UN experts on inquiry of burundi crimes to the soil of Burundi  may trigger unwanted backlash between UN Human Rights Council. UN Human Rights Council may come to the conclusion that the report that these 3 UN experts have put out has ‘bitten where it  hurts‘.

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