Burundi-Diplomacy: The Head of State received the dipolmatic credentials of 10 new ambassadors.

The President of the Republic of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, has received in Tuesday, November 6, at the palace of Ngozi (north), 10 new ambassadors who came to him to present their diplomatic credentials, or letters of credence, accrediting them in Burundi.

These Ambassadors represent the United Kingdom, Holland, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Ghana,
Mozambique, Sudan, North Korea, and South Sudan.

The deputy spokesman of the President of the Republic, Alain Diomede Nzeyimana told the
press that all these ambassadors appreciated the choice to have their audience in Ngozi.

For the diplomats who visit most, for the first time Burundi, it was an opportunity to contemplate the
beauty of the country and see the people at work.

Spokesman Nzeyimana further asserted that the Head of State and these ambassadors were
unanimously that African countries share values and a shared history, for having been
colonized with a very rich natural resources ground.

Some of these 10 countries contributed to the ceasefire in Burundi.

Some of them even played an important role in Burundi. This is the case of Mozambique as a contributor of troops who helped in the implementation of the global ceasefire agreement.

Some countries had come with specific messages. This is the case of the Netherlands which helped to
the implementation of the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement, including by contributing to the
training and equipment of the National Defense Force and the National Police.

It is also North Korea which has a long cooperation with Burundi, especially in security and defense
National. As for the Australian Ambassador, he thanked Burundi for its contribution to the return of the
peace in Somalia through AMISOM (UN Mission in Somalia).

Finally, the representative of Brazil said that his country was interested in the production of Burundian cotton which is of good quality and wants to cooperate in the development of the sport.

For his part, said Mr. Nzeyimana, The Head of State invited, through these diplomats, all the countries
who want to help or invest in Burundi to flip through Burundi’s National Development Plan, to
choose the areas of cooperation.

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