Burundi Drug and Food Regulatory Authority to be created.

On Wednesday and Thursday, February 6 and 7, 2019 at the Gitega Palace, the members of the government gathered in a council of the ministers presided by the Head of the State H.E Peter Nkurunziza. The draft decree establishing and organizing the Drug and Food Regulatory Authority (ABREMA) was one of the issues on the agenda according to the communiqué of the general secretariat of the government.

The statement said that in Burundi, the regulation of the pharmaceutical sector is ensured by the Ministry of Public Health, through the Department of Pharmacy, Drug, and Laboratory, as well as the General Inspection of Public Health and of the fight against AIDS.

Although the ministry is able to accomplish its mission globally, some more specific functions are not ensured due to the lack of an autonomous technical department.

Also, the proliferation of the Burundian market of industrially manufactured foods, from several origins and often unregistered, may be at the origin of certain diseases.

The components of foods and medicines must be controlled by one authority.

To better protect public health, the components of food and medicine must be controlled by one authority.

In addition, the communiqué notes that the current reforms in the field of public health in the East African Community member countries in relation to the harmonization of the regulation of medicines and other health products are not feasible if this problem is not supported by an autonomous authority.

In this Community, only Burundi has not yet acquired this authority.

what will be the advantages of this decree?

This draft decree, once adopted, will then set up this structure, which will be responsible for regulating all aspects related to quality assurance and the safety of products such as prefabricated and packaged foods, medicinal products, human and veterinary use, phytosanitary products, cosmetics, herbal medicines, traditional remedies, medical devices or materials or substances used in the manufacture of products whose consumption may be harmful to human and animal health.

After exchange and debate, the council found that the project needed to be re-examined and a team was put in place to rework it. It will be brought back within one month at the same time as a text that reorganizes the Burundian Bureau of Quality Standardization.


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