Burundi Education: More than 250 headmasters to be fired due to poor performance.

More than 250 headmasters whose schools have poorly performed in the state exam and the 2018 national post-basic certification and admission to secondary education will be fired.

It is the decision made public through a referenced letter 620 / CAB / 10068/2018 that the Minister of Education, Technical and Vocational Training addressed to the provincial directors of education, Janviere Ndirahisha.

Provincial education directors are called to analyze the cause of students’ failures.

According to this correspondence, “these mediocre results” testify the poor supervision of these institutions to mobilize teachers in the permanent search for performance.

Thus, the minister, through the same correspondence, asks the provincial directors to initiate without delay, “if they have not yet done so,” the procedures for the dismissal and replacement of these headmasters as soon as the final proclamation of the final results is issued without waiting for the Minister’s injunction.

The minister also asks the provincial education directors to set up teams to analyze in detail the role of each student in the failures of the students.

Who are concerned by this measure?

The 1st category of these institutions concerned by this measure consists of 160 schools that did not achieve a success rate higher than 30% in the State Examination.

For example, the report produced by the ministry reveals that six institutions had a success rate of less than 10%. These are the Basic Schools of Muhanda (Burambi-Rumonge), Buruhukiro (Muramvya), Mbiga (Vyanda-Bururi), Kigoti (Vyanda-Bururi), Gahondo (Ndava-Mwaro) and Rushiha (Musi- Bubanza).

The second category consists of 58 public schools with a success rate of less than or equal to 30% in the national competition for certification and admission to post-basic education. According to the report, 48 schools in this category had a success rate of less than 30%.

The last category consists of 39 private schools that did not achieve a success rate of more than 20% in the state exam.

Among the latter, the report says, 13 of the Bujumbura mayor have registered a success rate of 0% while five other districts of Bujumbura-town and Rumonge have recorded a success rate of less than 10%.

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