Burundi fifth round of dialogue set to be held on October 19-24, 2018.

According to the speaker of the Facilitation Bureau of the inter-Burundian dialogue, Macocha Tembele, the Burundi fifth round of dialogue is set to be held on October 19-24, 2018.

The Speaker, Macocha Moshe Tembele wrote on Twitter: “The East African Community Facilitator of the Inter- Burundi dialogue His  Excellency Benjamin Mkapa has decided to convene the Fifth Session in Ngurdoto, Arusha from 19-24 October. He expects the Barundi to freely and conclusively discuss ALL matters that would enable holding of successful 2020 elections”.

All stakeholders to be invited.

This fifth round of inter-Burundian dialogue is said to be the last to be attended by the Burundian authorities. All relevant parties in the inter-Burundian dialogue have been invited to this dialogue namely the government of Burundi and the opposition(internal one and the external one).

It should be noted that the Facilitator has done every major action to invite all to this dialogue which is expected to iron out the Burundi crisis which has been raging on from 2015 elections.

Critics warn the facilitator’s move.

Nevertheless, some Burundi critics warn of the Facilitator’s call to dialogue to ‘discuss ALL matters that would enable holding of successful 2020 elections’ instead of focusing on the root of the Burundi problems.

Jeremie Minani, one the Burundi government opponent wrote on Twitter: “There will be no peace and consequently no elections as long as the current crisis and its consequences are not dealt with. Before we talk about elections, let’s talk about the crisis in the first place”.

Another Twitter user argued that all matters related to the Burundi crisis should be on the agenda of the negotiation table.

The last fourth round of inter-Burundian dialogue has been ramped up in the same location,  Hotel in Arusha, where there seemed to be no sound arguments reached between the government of Burundi and the opposition but ended in the apparent disarray.

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