Burundi Foreign NGOs to be temporarily suspended to comply with the law.

Foreign non-governmental organizations (Foreign NGOs) will have to suspend their activities for a period of three months to comply with the law and regulations in force in Burundi, the speaker of The National Council of Security, Silas Ntigurirwa, said Thursday.

This decision was taken at the National Security Council (CNS) meeting Wednesday under the presidency of the head of the State of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, according to a statement read Thursday on the airwaves of the National Radio and Television of Burundi by the permanent secretary of the CNS, Silas Ntigurirwa.

After analyzing the functioning of foreign NGOs working in Burundi, the CNS found that most of them do not comply with the law or the text that governs them. With this, the National Security Council decides to temporarily suspend all activities of these Foreign NGOs for a period of three months from 1 October 2018, said Ntigurirwa in the communiqué approving the meeting of the Council.

He pointed out that this decision to suspend the activities of Foreign NGOs was taken to enable the institutions in charge of these to verify their compliance with the law and the regulations in force.

It was decided during the CNS meeting that the restart of the activities of these Foreign NGOs will be conditioned by compliance with the new law that governs Foreign NGOs in Burundi.

In addition, during the same meeting, the CNS made the decision to suspend also the activities of companies and cooperatives that exploit and fraudulently sell minerals in Burundi for a period of one month.

In the case of these companies and cooperatives, the decision was made to restore order and compliance with the law in this sector “, according to the permanent secretary of the CNS.

It has been recommended to the Minister in charge of minerals to follow this measure scrupulously and to the police, the administration and all the services authorized to assist in the effective execution of this measure.

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