Burundi Head of State officially launched the industrial exploitation activities of the gold deposit and associated ores in Muyinga.

Burundi Head of State Pierre Nkurunziza proceeded on Monday, October 8, 2018, on the hill of Masaka, Butihinda commune in Muyinga province (north-east of Burundi) with the official launch of industrial exploitation activities of the gold deposit and other associated ores by the company African mining Burundi.

The head of state recommended to this company to extract this mineral by confirming itself to the law including the protection of people’s lives and the environment. According to the president Nkurunziza, the mining sector in Burundi will boost the development of the country in an exceptional way to the side of the agricultural sector. He announced that the State of Burundi has 15% of the shares in this company.

African Mining Burundi Ltd., a local Gold Miner.

Bloomberg reports that the start of operations of African Mining Burundi Ltd., a local gold miner will see the Burundi government have a 15 percent stake, as Burundi puts its mineral resources at the center of a planned economic resurgence.

The company has been granted rights to nine mining sites, President Pierre Nkurunziza said at a Monday ceremony in Burundi’s northeast Muyinga province, according to national radio, RTNB.

Also, he added the Butihinda commune, once the operation started will have 50,000 USD annually. The head of state congratulated the society African mining limited who did the work of prospecting in record time. “It is after the prospecting works that the African as born Burundi, “he said, according to the ABP report.

WHY IT MATTERS: The African Mining Company is among other companies which continue pouring in Burundi where they invest in the mining sector. The Mining company, Rainbow Rare Earth is currently mining rare earth minerals in the Country West, Bujumbura province, in Kabezi, where this company reports harvesting considerable products.

Burundi Head of states recommended to The African Mining Company to continue to conduct studies to determine the other ores associated with gold and extend searches in others that are under his responsibility. Based on estimates provided by this company, this deposit may have a production of 3000 kg of gold.

Families affected by this mining project to be rewarded.

The Head of State reassured families that will be expropriated by the said project. “The state will do everything so that you do not get hurt, “he said.

The exploitation of gold and other associated minerals will bring major benefits to the population of Butihinda. He notably cited the construction of public infrastructures such as roads, schools, health, and electricity.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Burundi has been recently recorded as the ‘center of unfound minerals’, as some observers conclude. This attracts major investors in the Mining sector to come and mine these minerals where the international consumers’ market is highly demanding.

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