Burundi Head of State, Pierre Nkurunziza, Inaugurated three Charitable Works.

Burundi’s head of state, Pierre Nkurunziza, inaugurated on Monday, October 15, 2018, as part of the 57th anniversary of Burundi’s independence, three Charitable works built in the city of Bujumbura.

One of the Charitable works inaugurated by the Head of State is Cambridge system school (English) “Cubahiro International School “and an agency of the microfinance “Kazoza Finance”, located in Kinindo area, as well as a fortified food production plant “Burundi Fortified Foods” in Zone Ngagara in the city of Bujumbura.

The Burundi Fortified Foods produces cereal flour intended for the improvement of babies life to babies. This factory is located at Ngagara, Quarter 10, and has a capacity of 1.5-ton flour per hour.

Cubahiro International School: requirements for entry.

Opening this school year of 2018-2019, the school “Cubahiro International School “(CIS) has the infrastructure and up to date equipment appropriate to students’ age. Up to this day, the School has 86 students including 25 from the section of nursery school, 41 primary school, and 20 secondary school, as the Burundi Press Agency reports.

Apart from classrooms and administrative offices, the school has a laboratory, a computer room, an art room, a teachers’ room, a refectory, a dormitory, equipment for play (swings, bicycles) and modern sanitary facilities.

Children who start classes at 7:30 AM return home at 16:30 PM. They take the lunch meal at school and dinner at 4:00 pm before returning home. The restoration costs are fixed at 150 000 BIF per child and per trimester. The school fees are set at 600 000 BIF for kindergarten, 750 000 BIF for the primary school and 900 000 BIF for secondary school.

Cubahiro International School: why the name “Cubahiro”?

The director of the school, Mr. Florian Mbanga, told the ABP that the name “Cubahiro” given to this school conveys the initiators’ vision of training renowned laureates who embody dignity, respect, and honor.

The Cubahiro International School dispenses training according to the 21st century needs and insists on values such as love of work, honesty, dignity, and discipline, Mbanga noted.

He has specified that the assessment is done in four periods and that teachers, from kindergarten to.

The aim of the Cubahiro International School.

The aim of the school is to make it easier for parents who had been sending their children to study in the region of the Cambridge system to study at home in Burundi.

About the microfinance, Kazoza Finance opened in 2012. It now has six agencies one of which is located in the country Bubanza province.

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