Burundi Head of State’s message on the National Unity Day.

The President of the Republic Pierre Nkurunziza delivered, on Monday 04 February 2019, a message to the Nation, on the eve of the commemoration of the 28th anniversary of the adoption of the of Burundi National Unity. 

In his speech, the Burundi Head of State first thanked the Almighty God who has always protected Burundi and Burundians, who has established peace, love, and unity in the country.

Nkurunziza Pierre said February 5, 2019, is a great day for the country as Burundi commemorates the 28th anniversary of the adoption of the National Unity Charter. 

The President of the Republic Pierre Nkurunziza wished all Burundians to be of unity free of hypocrisy that is manifested through work and patriotic love.

He hoped that this day would be an opportunity to remember the ancestors of the Burundians who played a big role in the unity building. Nkurunziza referred in particular to the first King of Burundi Ntare Rushatsi Cambarantama author of the Burundian monarchy after the reunification of the kinglets which were scattered in disorder.

Head of State Pierre Nkurunziza also paid tribute to the heroes of independence Prince Louis Rwagasore and democracy President Melchior Ndadaye and to all those who have not neglected this legacy of unity.

The Head of State said that this day is once again an opportunity to evaluate the step already taken in the consolidation of unity.

He recalled that the Burundian unity is not yet 28 years old like the National Unity Charter but that it is the is as old as Burundi because it has always been the pillar and shield of Burundians since a long time. 

He recalled that the dignity and tranquility of Burundi rest on the unity that manifests itself by the use of a single language Kirundi, by all Burundians with one King and one God.

He then invited the Burundians to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors in safeguarding the unity. He recalled that it was the colonialists who sowed divisionist hatred among Burundians with lies based on ethnic differences.

President Pierre Nkurunziza continued his message by saying that it is time to admit the mistakes committed because human lives were exterminated ten years after the assassination of the president-elect Melchior Ndadaye sometime after the adoption of the charter of national unity by Burundians. He says that Burundi was not destroyed by the bravery of men who followed the wisdom of our ancestors.

The President of the Republic Pierre Nkurunziza said that thanks to these brave men, the unity of the Burundians is no longer in the speeches but is observed through the acts by the implementation of the Arusha peace agreements and the cease-fire agreements and institutions resulting from these agreements over and over are at work discriminating against anyone. The various activities of development are also the result of unity and cohesion among Burundians, Nkurunziza added.

The Head of State noted that to consolidate national sovereignty, Burundians have drawn up and adopted the constitution without appealing to outside support.

He said that as part of strengthening unity and following a good example of our ancestors, a National Solidarity Day was established to be celebrated on the last Saturday of July of each year.

The peace and the exchange of gifts also demonstrate that Burundians are in the process of disengaging from divisionist chains, the head of state said.

He said that one year before the general elections of 2020 he is satisfied with the unity of the Burundians which is manifested by the contribution of the necessary means for these elections.

The Head of State has called on Burundians to demonstrate unity in practice. He wanted the unit to be taught everywhere in households, schools, churches, associations,

He recalled that unity is a legacy that we must bequeath to our descendants.

Before finishing his message to the nation, the Head of State invited Burundians to take up the development of the country and to ensure peace and security to block the road of hate-mongers.

He ended the message with advice asking Burundians to revisit the good culture of mutual aid and not get carried away by all the wind-blowing and cling to good morals of  Burundian instead of those embarrassing morals of the foreigners.

The Head of State says that putting forward unity means putting into practice the good heritage of our ancestors and defending the country’s honor.

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