Burundi: irregular migration wreaking havoc on young undocumented migrants.

Burundian young people who want to migrate to foreign countries should learn about the life of the diaspora. This was said by the director of  “Manamba” and writer of the book entitled “Manamba in Exile”, Mohamed El Amin Nibaruta, Burundi Press Agency reports.

Mohamed El Amin Nibaruta animated on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, a conference on the theme “irregular migration” before students from the University of Burundi.

‘Sensitization activities of youth to run through March 17, 2019’.

This activity of sensitizing young Burundian on irregular migration will take place in the seven universities of Burundi until March 17, said Mr. Nibaruta.

Nibaruta said that the choice of Burundian universities was made taking into account the intellectuals that these universities have in order to show them the main challenges they can meet in case of illegal migration.

‘Countries of the European Union are not a paradise’

Nibaruta took the opportunity to inform young Burundian students that the countries of the European Union are not a paradise on earth as some people think.

He urged people who want to migrate to foreign countries to take the legal route to prevent loneliness and nostalgia for the families they left behind in their countries.

The director of cabinet “Manamba” calls on Burundian students to finish their studies in their countries and seek to open up to the world outside after having acquired sufficient know-how.

Mr. Nibaruta advises young Burundians who want to migrate to foreign countries, such as the European Union or the United Arab Emirates, to learn in detail about everything that goes on there.

‘Undocumented migrants’ problems’

This Burundian writer, who lived in Norway in search of a better life, researched the lives of some illegal  African migrants. Indeed, he said, some Africans who have migrated illegally are undocumented, cannot claim employment or seek treatment.

These people, who migrate from country to country, face many challenges related to the risk of being imprisoned or even be treated as mercenaries. Some end up taking drugs because of problems that overpower them.

There are some who may die as a result of the living conditions that are unfavorable, Nibaruta regretted.

Some people claim to be refugees seeking asylum but may face a negative answer from the competent authorities who are in charge migration, since the latter take sufficient time to study the cases of asylum seekers.

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