Burundi-Parliament: Preparations for inter-parliamentary games of the EALA.

The Organizing Committee of the 9th Games of the East African Legislative Assembly(EALA) met on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, in Bujumbura in order to discuss the progress of the preparations and the good organization of these games.

According to the spokesperson of the National Assembly, Mr. Alexis Badian Ndayihimbaze, these games, which are organized each year, should be organized this year 2018 by South Sudan.

But, he said, this country has recently stated that he was not able to organize them. Thus the presidents of the parliaments of the East African Community (EAC) have decided that these games be organized
in Burundi, he stressed.

According to Mr. Ndayihimbaze, delegations of parliamentarians from EALA member countries came to meet the Burundian team responsible for the organization of these games to discuss some necessary points.

Rwanda refuses to take part in these preparations.

With regard to the delegations already on the ground, Mr. Ndayihimbaze said that all countries of the EAC are represented apart from Rwanda and South Sudan. While the delegation of the latter is en route, Rwanda has sent a message stating that it will not come to the preparation activities.

However, Rwanda joins the parliamentarians who are preparing these games and stated that it will participate in the actual games that will take place in December, Mr. Ndayihimbaze added.

Ngozi proposed to welcome these games.

The spokesman for the National Assembly indicated that the present delegations will go to Ngozi (north of Burundi) to see if the playgrounds fulfill the necessary conditions and if the hotels of Ngozi have the capacity to welcome all those who will be engaged in these competitions.

Ndayihimbaze said the Burundi parliament had proposed that these games be Ngozi, but, he pointed out, some parliamentarians from outside had proposed that these Games are held in Bujumbura. This issue is being debated in order to reach consensus, he said.

He indicated that it may happen that these games are played in both environments, some in Ngozi and others in Bujumbura town.

Note that the 8th competition of these games was held in Dar-es-Salaam in December 2017. It should be noted that these games include games such as football, volleyball, basketball, netball, and athletics.

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