Burundi -Police: The process of recruiting police candidates is still going on.

The process of recruiting police candidates from the category of officers, brigadiers, and agents continues. Through a statement released on Monday, the Ministry in charge of Public Security reminded that intellectual and physical tests for shortlisted candidates will take place from 6 to 10 November in the provincial capitals where the candidates have registered.

The ministry indicates through the same press release that the candidates selected to pass these
tests would be released starting this Tuesday by billboard postings in the capitals of the native provinces candidates.

School authorities and parents are urged to be careful so that students do not desert their institutions to go to the police to enlist at the Burundi National Police.

Some documents are forgone in the process of registration.

As a reminder, in order to facilitate the registration process that began on October 3, 2018, the Ministry of Public Security had taken some measures aimed at alleviating the conditions required to be eligible for registration in all categories.

The Ministry authorized the registration of candidates who have not yet obtained the extract of the criminal record giving access to the certificate of good conduct life and morals. Nevertheless, candidates who have passed the test entry into this body will be retained upon presentation of both documents.

Even more, for the category of Officers candidates, the Ministry has authorized the registration of the candidates for the High school diploma in possession of certificates of successful completion of the state examination duly signed by the competent authority.

It is also worth remembering that for the category of agents, a minimum level of study of the successful 8th  year is required and that the candidates are registered at the capitals of the communes, while the
9th-grade level or 10th grade successful is required for candidate brigadiers, whereas the officer candidates are registered in provincial capitals.

The Ministry warned against the forgery during this process of registration.

The ministry of Security also gave a strong warning against candidates who will have made false statements about their ethnicity or used false documents. They will be punished according to the law, even in
the case of discovery of this cheating during or after the training.

The same ministry also warns the administrative and school authorities who will be complicit in the delivery of these forged documents.

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