Burundi-Politics: The closing of the week dedicated to the fighter in Kayanza Province.

On the sidelines of the closure of the week dedicated to the fighter for democracy, the Burundi ruling party members namely CNDD-FDD Bagumyabanga of Gahombo Commune province of Kayanza (northern Burundi) have been called to fight against poverty and continue to pay the contribution to the 2020 elections, this was a message delivered by Mr. Sylvestre Ntunzwenayo the CNDD-FDD communal secretary in Gahombo.

The festivities marking the last day of the week dedicated to the valiant fighters of the CNDD-FDD
which took place in Gahombo commune began with a long parade from the center of trading from Rukago to lead to CNDD-FDD headquarters based in the county town and the participants of the ceremonies chanted songs in the sense of paying homage to CNDD-FDD fighters.

The representative of veterans in Gahombo commune, Mr. Richard Karikunzira hailed the initiative of the Burundian government for setting a day dedicated to them.

Despite these thanks to the Burundian government, the representative of the elders’ fighters asked the communal administration to always stand by their side and think of them when it comes to this week devoted to them.

Speaking in turn, the communal secretary of the CNDD-FDD party in Gahombo, M. Sylvestre Ntunzwenayo spoke about the difficult times in Burundi. By that, he indicated that with pre-colonial Burundi, the ethnic groups were not talked about but they became an object of discussion with the colonial period.

With this period, he continued, Burundi has been plunged into a critical situation where the Burundian people have been divided socially, politically and even economically.

Mr. Ntunzwenayo reported that after colonization, the political regime that had been established did not respect the rights of Burundians because, according to him, he was characterized by patronage, injustice and many other challenges.

On the same occasion, the communal secretary announced that the fight that still persists is that related to development.

Burundians invited to work hard to make ends meet by themselves.

On this subject of development, he invited the Bagumyabanga of Gahombo to fight against poverty. To get by, Mr. Ntunzwenayo proposed to any Mugumyabanga from the same commune to have vegetable gardens to not always go to the market looking for vegetables that should be in the vicinity of their homes.

In addition, he urged the CNDD-FDD militants to regroup in associations or cooperatives for the purpose of their self-development because, he added, any capital can participate in the implementation of any project.

Closing his speech, the secretary of the CNDD-FDD in Gahombo called the population in general and
the Bagumyabanga, in particular, to fulfill the contribution to the 2020 elections in order to set up different institutions and avoid the disorder that may arise once these elections do not occur.

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