Burundi: Prostitution and household conflicts linked to causes of insecurity in some Provinces.

Prostitution and household conflicts are among the causes of insecurity in some communes of Bubanza province (northwestern Burundi), the administration said.

THE BIG PICTURE: Due to the skyrocketing cost of living in Burundi, some families members, especially girls and women in some provinces, prefer to subject themselves either to prostitution or mendicity in order to make ends meet. Some go further by leaving their families members behind and go to live alone and indulge in prostitution.

Prostitution wreaks havoc on families.

Prostitution is reported mainly in Mpanda commune, precisely in the trading center of Musenyi where girls and women who abandon their husbands rent houses to live in to practice prostitution.

Some local residents complain that men and boys intentionally join these prostitutes in these houses and commit adultery for money, which often causes conflict in small families.

According to an ABP report, in Bubanza commune, a woman from Rurabo hill has abandoned her husband and five children and settled to Mudubugu area where she rented a house for prostitution.

Household conflicts separate families.

As for conflicts in households, the families in the Bubanza Province are now experiencing a high level of family separation and deaths due to the personalities conflicts in members of the families.

The Burundi Press Agency reports of a man of the commune Musigati who almost killed himself with the poison commonly called ‘rat poison’ because his wife opposed him on the sale of a portion of land, but
neighbors quickly intervened to save his life.

In Rugazi commune, there are skyrocketing unwanted pregnancies in students girls, which causes
conflicts between the kinship of these girls and those who have made them pregnant, says ABP.

The governor of Bubanza province, Mr. Nobus Thérence Butoyi, asks local administrative and law enforcement to remain vigilant and always aware of what is happening in these houses rented by these women and girls prostitutes.

According to him, the law is currently clear as to sanctions against adultery and prostitution.

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