The 2nd Vice President launches the first general state Meeting of insurance in Burundi.

Yesterday the 2nd Vice president H.E. Dr. Joseph Butore launched the first general insurance state in Burundi, at the hotel Ruhuka in Buye, Ngozi.



Yesterday the second vice president H.E. Dr. Joseph Butore, along with the minister in charge of charge of finances, budgeting, and cooperations and the director of the Insurance and Reassurance Company launched a general state meeting on the role of-of insurance companies in Burundi. The meeting was themed “insurers committed to the integral development of the country” held in Ngozi province. The second vice president informed that the government is aware of the role played by these companies in the development of the country.

The other officials addressed the role o these companies in the 2018-2017 national development plan and the adoption of the government laws and regulations in the role of these companies.

Themed “Insurers committed to the integral development of the country, the second vice president addressed that the government of Burundi is aware of the role that insurance companies play in the promotion of the Burundian economic state.

Not only do they provide sources of financing for insurers but he adds that they also make significant public treasury and also generate jobs in the country.

In addition, according to H.E. Dr. Joseph Butore, the government is engaging itself in supporting the sector of insurance in Burundi.

He added that they have also but a legal regulator in the insurance regulation and control agency.

As for the approval of new insurance companies, the second vice president informed that his contribution might not be much but informed that there is a necessity to set up innovative strategies for a quick take-off in the industry of insurance in Burundi.

Lastly, he asked all the stakeholders to change their approaches and insurance companies to consolidate their financial base. He pointed out that they shouldn’t to respect the matters governing the legislation.

As for Domitien Ndihokubwayo, the Minister in Charge of Finances, Budgeting, and Cooperations, he indicated that one of the major aims for holding the General states meeting is in the framework contributing to the 2018-2027 National Development Plan.

He urged insurance firms to stay loyal and keep trust in their customers and their insurance holders in working professionally and sincerely respecting the law and applying the best strategies of insurance.

As for The head of the Insurance and Reassurance Company (ASSUR), “we have adopted a new way to work towards the implementation of laws and policies of the government,” she said.

In addition, she stated that the general states meeting will raise awareness of the role and work od insurance companies to policymakers and the public in general, to help them know an find solutions for the challenges that insurance companies face.

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