Burundi-Security: Police calls for vigilance against cyber-crime and scammers.

The General Commissariat of the Judicial Police displayed on Monday, January 14, 2019, to the media, presumed guilty people of cases of scams and cyber-crime that became frequent in recent days in the Bujumbura town.

These people are divided into three groups, according to the bad deeds they commit. A first group consists of people who claim to be Businessmen and who swindle people by telling them that they sell
gold ingots.

According to Emile Manisha(pictured above), Commissioner General of Police, this group has already swindled several
victims, stating for example, that some of them had already given money to these swindlers.

The 2nd group is made up of people who cheat others through cyber-crime. They are in cahoots with a
certain Divine Bakundukize, detained at the central prison of Gitega.

This one creates Facebook accounts, on behalf of the different high authorities of the country. With the complicity of his acolytes, he contacts people, especially the unemployed, by promising them employment, for a sum of money.

These acolytes collect this money and they share with their chief. The recent case that Manisha has put forth testifies that this group has created a Facebook account under the name of the Commissioner-General of the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR).

Some victims thought that they were communicating with the Commissioner-General of the OBR, while they were in contact with cybercriminals.

The latter had already collected more than seven million Burundian francs. In the face of this cybercrime, the Commissioner of the Judicial Police requests the vigilance on the part of the population, because this crime is more and more worrying.

Emile Manisha calls for all Burundians to alert the police as soon as possible whenever the existence of a network of these criminals is suspected. Therefore, he asks anyone who would have been a victim of this kind of fraud to come to the police to file a complaint.

He regretted that an educated person could be in this way swindled, believing that she is in contact with a respectful authorities, such as the First Lady of the country, the Commissioner General of the OBR, the Secretary-General of the ruling party, etc., who asks him/her for money before offering him any service.

The media wanted to know why when these scammers are arrested and imprisoned, they spend little time in prison, so much so that they re-offend the same crimes.

About this, Manisha responded that “according to the judicial procedure, the judicial police do its job and the public prosecutor does his own”.

However, he said that the police will mention in the files that they are recidivists so that the public prosecutor can take them into account.

The last group is, for the moment, motorcycle taxi drivers who are hiding behind this job to steal people. These motorcycles forcibly snatch handbags from the ladies or girls who are either customers or passers-by on public roads.

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