Burundi: Security situation has been generally good over the past three months.

The security situation has been generally good over the last three months despite some cases of crime, said Monday, October 15, 2018, the Minister in charge of Public Security, Chief Police Commissioner Alain Guillaume Bunyoni.

It was at during a press conference devoted to the presentation of the great achievements of this ministry
during this period.

Some crimes committed in the last three months.

Among the cases of crime, Minister Bunyoni recalled 72 cases of assassination, 59 cases of assassination attempts, 57 cases of murder, 14 cases of attempted murder, 298 cases of rape, nine cases of armed robbery, 960 cases of robbery, 11 cases of human trafficking, 38 cases of arson and 10 cases of illegal possession of firearms.

The ministry also noted 1425 cases of traffic accidents, 105 cases of domestic violence, 34 cases of forgery and use of forgery, 176 cases of fraud and 14 cases of swindling.

With regard to these crimes, Minister Bunyoni said that the police action of prevention, field intervention, and court proceedings have been effective and successful. Indeed, he indicated, 3,685 searches were carried out throughout the country and resulted in arrests of suspected criminals as well as material seizures.

2 301 presumed criminals apprehended, weapons and ammunition seized.

According to the Ministry, 2 301 presumed criminals were apprehended, while weapons and ammunition were seized. The Commissioner of Bunyoni chief police cited 21 Kalashnikov type rifles, 3 FAL, two pistols, 1 RP G7, one rocket, five mortar bombs, two anti-tank mines, 98 offensive grenades, 15 defensive grenades, four Chinese grenades, three chargers for FAL, 2. 767 cartridges for Kalashnikov,
three cartridges for FAL and 439 cartridges for mid-Kalashnikov.

Other materials seized include two police trousers, a police sweater, two police belts, a police beret, 15 pairs of military boots, six military belts, one pair of binoculars etc.

Some cases processed in court.

The police also opened more than 5,965 cases of which 4,579 were closed and transmitted the prosecution floor, while 1,368 others are being processed.

As part of the fight against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, added Minister Bunyoni, the Ministry has continued the seizure, marking and destruction of surrendered, recovered or obsolete weapons in regional police stations and specialized police units.

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