Burundi-security: Weapons, ammunition and military effects seized by the police in Gasekebuye District

 The Burundian National Police (PNB) seized this Tuesday, March 12, 2019 arms, weapons, and military effects during a search-perquisition at the Ntare Rushatsi Avenue, Gasekebuye district in the urban area of Musaga, in Muha commune.

Pierre Nkurikiye, Speaker of The Ministry of The Public Security.

These weapons and ammunition consist of, a folding Kalashnikov rifle, a Makarov pistol, three loaders well stocked with the Kalashnikov rifle, two pistol rifle magazines, 10 military trousers and 11 military uniform shirts, five pairs of trousers, four jackets, exercise suits, two country beds, three pairs of boots, two gourds, two belts, two small haversacks, four berets, and one outfit called Ondekane, six pairs of two badges, a military jersey and a bag kit.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security, Commissioner Pierre Nkurikiye, said that all these effects were found in the household of a former colonel Dieudonné Dushimagize, aka Gangi, currently detained in prison “for his involvement in the failed coup of 2015 “.Commissioner Nkurikiye also reports the arrest of 10 people from the same neighborhood who were not included in the household notebooks.

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