Burundi Senate stipulates that all foreign NGOs ‘must be in harmony with the law of Burundi’.

The Spokesperson of the Burundi Senate, Anicet Niyongabo, led a press briefing on the law governing foreign Non-Government Organizations(NGOs) with regard to its application. Burundi Senate will mandate a team of senators to see the implementation of the said law.

Anicet Niyongabo said that the “recruitment of local staff must be done in respect of ethnic balances (60% at the most for Hutu and 40% at most for Tutsi “.

According to Anicet Niyongabo, the activities of foreign Non-Government Organizations, NGOs, must be in harmony with the law of Burundi and join the Burundi Government programs.

“All NGOs approved from 23/01/2017, a period of 6 months to comply with the provisions of the law that governs them in Burundi. Burundi Senate gave enough time to all concerned NGOs to regulate themselves “Anicet Niyongabo said.

The Burundi Senate will set up a commission of senators to verify the implementation of this law governing the foreign NGOs, added Anicet Niyongabo.

Anicet Niyongabo recalls: “When it comes to recruiting staff, Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations are bound by the same principles as public administration of Burundi…foreign NGOs must imperatively respect the law that governs them in terms of respect for ethnic balances and gender in recruitment”.

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