Burundi: ‘Unregistered foreign NGOs to close down on December 31, 2018’, says Burundi Head of State.

Burundi Head of State, Pierre Nkurunziza has confirmed that the time of closing the unregistered foreign NGOs operating in Burundi is left unchanged. He said it in a public emission he animated in the Northern part of Burundi, in Ngozi Province.

Nevetherless, Pierre Nkurunziza, appeared to be a bit lenient to these foreign NGOs operating in Burundi. He said that the timeline of closing them down may be postponed if the concerned NGOs ask for the postponement. But, he strongly asserted that unless they ask for a postponement, these unregistered NGOs have to ‘pack up their luggage and go back to their original countries’.

Nkurunziza said that of these foreign NGOs do not act according to Burundian laws may be likened to ‘bringing back the colonialism in Burundi‘. He went to say that these ‘foreign NGOs have to remember that ‘they are not a government ruling in another government, but that they are just NGOs operating under Burundi government’.

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About the economic woes that may be triggered by these foreign NGOs pullout, Nkurunziza tranquilized the Burundi Population. He said that foreign NGOs have not made any country rich. He said: “No country has been enriched by foreign NGOs, the country is pushed to development by its own population but these foreign NGOs support the country in what they are asked to do”.

Burundi Head of State stated theta till now, some 70 foreign NGOs have been re-registered, and that it was found out that there were some unknown NGOs operating in Burundi without being registered in the Ministry of Home Affairs and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It should be remembered that Foreign NGOs have been suspended for a period of three months since October 2018 to conform to the Burundian laws. Burundi government accuses these foreign NGOs of using bias in terms of recruitment and positions.

Burundi government assert that there must be an ethnic balance when it comes to recruitment by these NGOs accused of solely recruiting Burundians of the Tutsi ethnic group by overlooking the Burundian of Hutu ethnic group.

Burundi government requires these foreign NGOs to recruit up to 60% of the Hutu and 40% of the Tutsi. Some NGOs which appeared not to be compliant have already ‘packed up their luggage and be back’.

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