Burundi dominates the EALA teams by a 3 round sets win over zero in volleyball games.

In the framework of the EALA interparliamentary games, matches took place this Wednesday, 5th December 2018 in different sports centers in Bujumbura. Results in the volleyball matches show that Burundi is playing through well.

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The Burundian team is playing well in the East African interparliamentary games in the volleyball matches.

In the games that were held yesterday against the Burundian and the EALA team, the Burundian male team won three rounds over none of the EALA team.

Other matches that were played include those of Uganda and Kenya on the female side where Uganda won Kenya with 3 rounds over none of the Kenyan team as for the morning. In the afternoon Kenya won three rounds over none of the Ugandan team.

In netball, the EALA team beat the Kenyan team with 44 points over 11 of Kenya.

On the side of football games, in the African Cup, the Burundian team Vital’o FC lost over Cameroon with 4 goals of the Cameroon team over 1 of Burundi, in Bujumbura.

In volleyball, on the side of Men, one match was played between the Burundian team and that of EALA. The results were three sets over zero in favor of the Burundian team.

On the side of women, the Ugandan team won the Kenyan team with the same score of 3 round sets over 0 in a match which was played in the morning, while in the afternoon, Kenya came ready and bit the EALA team by three rounds over none.

All the three volleyball matches took place in the courts of the ministry in charge of sports in Bujumbura.

In netball, only one match was played in the sports courts of the normal superior school, (ENS) where women of the EALA team were bitten by the Kenyan team with a score of 44 points over 11. On another school, the national technique center, a football match was played between the Kenyan Team and that of the EALA. The final score was of 2 over 1.

On the other side of the African competitions in football, the two teams representing Burundi in the African cup all packed their luggage from the round of preliminaries. In the return, the African Confederation cup match which opposed the Burundian Team Vital’O FC and New Stars of Cameroon this Wednesday 2018 where the Burundian team was dominated at home in losing the match with 4 over 1.

On the side of the Champions League, Messager Ngozi went down to Egypt on a score of two goals to one.

Lastly, know that during the first meetings that took place last week, the Burundian team Vital’O FC had a draw of 0-0 all over Cameroon, while the Team “Messager Ngozi” was beaten at home, at the Urukundo stadium in Ngozi by the Egyptians on a score of one goal to zero.

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