Burundian civil societies urge Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to be ‘impartial’ in his mediation duties.

13 civil Burundian societies have organized a press conference on this Friday, December 4, 2019, to give their opinion on the irregularities noted in the recent exchange of leaked letters between Pierre Nkurunziza and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda.

In their joint communiqué, these Burundian civil societies urged Museveni not to be partial in his dealings as the appointed to be the mediator in the Burundi crisis.

They urged him not to ‘generalize that in Burundi there is a crisis’. Francois Xavier Ndaruzaniye, one of these Civil societies said that Museveni has ‘disdained’ Burundians by saying that ‘everything in Burundi is chaotic’.

These civil societies stated that ‘Burundians are governed by democratically elected institutions and laws’.

In the letter that these civil societies sent to Museveni, these organizations stated that Museveni distorted the history of Burundi by confusing it with that of Nazism in Germany and with that of Rwanda in 1959, whose persecuted ethnic group in Rwanda was well received in Burundi.

The Burundi civil societies stated that President Museveni has overlooked the ‘Burundi’accusations against Rwanda in its actions of destabilizing Burundi’s institutions.

It should be better for Museveni to act in his efforts to help to thaw frosty ties between Burundi and Rwanda.

The Civil societies asked the Burundi mediator to be the ‘fair mediator, before speaking something on Burundi, Museveni may have the right to ask all concerned parties in the Burundi crisis’.

These organizations have seen that Museveni does not recognize the current situation in Burundi because peace and security prevail on the national territory.

These organizations deplore through the letter they sent to Museveni that he ignored the sad event that plunged Burundi into chaos on 21 October 1993 following the assassination of the first democratically elected president Melchior Ndadaye and other ills that Burundi went through.

Civil societies are also surprised by the failure to recognize the efforts of other famous African personalities such as the late South African President Mandela, Jacob Zuma, in the process of restoring peace and democracy in Burundi.

These organizations appeared to have been indignant why Museveni dares to trivialize the role of Rwanda in the crisis that Burundi has gone through since 2015.

It should be remembered that the Ugandan ruling party, National Resistance Movement, NRM, urged Burundi authorities ‘not to provoke the Ugandan President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’. This was issued in a recent communiqué of the NRM.

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