Burundians demonstrate against a BBC documentary film on Burundi.

The Burundian government held Saturday, December 15, 2018, in all chief towns of 18 provinces, protests against the “lies and montages” of a film BBC documentary on Burundi.


Last Thursday, in front of members of the diplomatic corps and representatives of organizations
accredited international Bujumbura, the minister in charge of Justice, Mrs. AimeeLaurentine Kanyana, had stated, on behalf of the government of Burundi, that the BBC “lied” in this film released December 4, 2018, accusing the security forces of Burundi “to have secret houses detention and torturing opponents “.

This documentary via the program of this radio which is titled “BBC-Africa Eye“, is based mainly on a video published on December 28, 2016, on an anonymous Twitter account showing blood that came from a water drain in a house located in the Muha commune in the urban province of Bujumbura-Mairie.

“This house which belongs to Mr. Prosper Kaze, currently in exile in Rwanda, was the subject of seized weapons and is guarded by the police since 26 November 2015, when a large cache of weapons was discovered there. Those who were apprehended told to the police of the existence of a house in Kinindo, which served as their base-back and weapons cache, “the statement said.

December 13th,  in a government statement, read to the press after organized demonstrations in the Bujumbura Town, the assistant minister of the Burundian interior, Tharcisse Niyongabo, said that the video showing blood flowing from a drain sewer and that went around the social networks a year later “claiming it was human blood” came from this house and that “It was manipulation because the direct neighbors denied it”.

Indeed, he explained, a non-resident away from the controversial house used to slaughter goats during the holidays and to dump waste in the channels in the gutter channel. The Burundian government, added  Niyongabo, is stunned by the behavior of “such radios that claim to carry out investigations when, in fact, they work with a clear intention to “harm” by their profession toward demonization and montages at the expense of the truth.

“As a result, the Burundian government castigates energetically the deceptive montages orchestrated by the BBC, in complicity with the owner of this house now a refugee in Rwanda.

The unhealthy goal displayed here is to scare political opponents and refugees leaving that the physical security of the opponents would be threatened to dissuade them to prepare for the next elections in 2020, “he said.

The government, he continued, takes this opportunity to ask all national politicians,  who fled their homeland “following malicious rumors” to repatriate and join their compatriots who remained in the country in the preparations for the next elections.

Government statement encourages the judiciary to “take exemplary decisions” against the BBC in case this radio does not compensate by asking for forgiveness for the “injury suffered”.

This statement also calls on Burundian exiles prosecuted and wanted by international arrest warrants, to “appear before the courts to be judged” in order to contribute to the eradication of impunity in the country.

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