Burundi’s head of state, Pierre Nkurunziza, officiated the opening of the academic year 2018-2019 at ISCAM.

Burundi’s head of state, Pierre Nkurunziza, has officiated, on November 9, 2018, the ceremonies of the opening of the academic year 2018-2019 of the Higher Institute of military cadres (ISCAM) of Burundi.

The ceremonies were held in the presence of a few members of the government, Parliament, accredited diplomatic corps to Bujumbura and from the top command of the Burundi National Defense (FDNB).

ISCAM tasked to train military experts.

Created in 1975, ISCAM is at the 48th promotion of the officers. In his speech, President Nkurunziza
pointed out that ISCAM, as the radiation intellectual center of the FDNB, continues to provide academic training of quality in order to give birth to qualified military cadres, competent and disciplined for Burundi and the sub-region.

He congratulated winners of the 42nd promotion of ISCAM and wished them full success in the exercise
of their profession. He urged them to respect their elders, in never hesitating to ask clarification each
time of need.

He told them that during their academic course they were able to acquire a lot of knowledge in different areas which, he felt, must be merged with intelligence, which will enable them to discern good and bad during their professional career.

The ISCAM laureates have a ‘course of a fighter’ before them.

The Head of State welcomed the promotion definitely incorporated and told his laureates that they have before them a course of a fighter. “Only wisdom and Obedience must characterize them to walk this long way, “he said.

He appreciated the fact that innovations are constantly being made at ISCAM, citing as an example of the project “Ewe Burundi urambaye” aimed at promoting the environment by planting trees, the ever-increasing number of girls, and the cultural activities that were once unaccustomed to this institute but which are now beginning to shine.

Colonel Gaspard Baratuza, commander of ISCAM, for his part, said that the army has the main mission to defend the territorial integrity, independence, and national heritage. Therefore, he added, it takes military leaders worthy of accomplishing this noble mission.

Thus, he continued, ISCAM was given the task of providing candidates officers a basic military training up to the level of the platoon leader and academic training of bachelor level, according to the needs of the command.

Talking about the past year which, he said, had been “successful”, the colonel Baratuza drew a rich color chart, targeting, in particular, the 17th session of the Recycling Internship Officers (SRO) who had a 100% success rate and that the winners of this session are in the process of to follow a training Commando course  in Gitega.

On the academic side, he indicated that the success rate is estimated at 98% for national officers and nationals of other EAC member countries students at ISCAM. He reported that other activities have been done and have been successful. However, everything is not at all rosy, meant Colonel Baratuza, who indicated that over the past year, challenges to optimizing results were recorded.

ISCAM Institutes has some challenges.

He cited a lack of transportation for officers supervisors who are solicited before and after the hours of service as part of the spirit proximity of the officer candidates, the lack of a high-speed internet network and an outdated computer park.

He also mentioned the lack of a gym for fitness, the lack of an updated library to allow students to adapt to global scientists progress of the era and the lack of a modern laboratory for science students and researchers.

The Commander of ISCAM also mentioned the state of the Mpimba River which threatens the bridge near this institute and the surrounding dwellings, from where he asked for a intervention as soon as possible.

To all these challenges, the Permanent Secretary at the Department of National Defense and Ancient Combattants (MDNAC), Brigadier General Aloys Ndayikengurukiye, indicated that satisfactory solutions may be available, except for the case of the bridge which requires the intervention of at most high level.

It should also be noted that this academic year was opened under the theme “The FDNB: A professional army, responsible for the protection of the national heritage, a guarantee of sustainable development for our country “.

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