Caritas Burundi confirms the severe famine hitting hard some Kirundo regions.

After reports by Burundi official, Martin Nivyabandi, calling for Kirundo residents to share what they have in waiting for the State support for the Burundian residents of kirundo(Northwestern Burundi), the NGO Caritas Burundi has confirmed that a severe famine is currently hitting hard some regions of Kirundo Province.

Caritas Burundi reports that this plague of severe famine, which annually hit Kirundo in either January or February, has pushed some Burundians to flee to neighboring countries such as Rwanda.

The Caritas Burundi stated on its website: “Following the prolonged drought that hit some municipalities in Kirundo province from September to December 2018, the majority of households in Busoni, Bugabira and Kirundo communes were unable to harvest crops and this has led to extreme famine”.

According to information collected from local Caritas in Kirundo province, hundreds of people have fled their households mainly in Busoni commune near Rwanda in northern Burundi. The majority went to neighboring communes but a hundred left in Rwanda according to information provided by local sources to Caritas Burundi.

People leaving these communes say they have nothing to eat because they did not have crops for the first crop season and because it did not rain well during the last quarter of the year 2018.

Of the three communes in Kirundo province that have been seriously affected, Busoni Commune is the most affected.

According to Caritas Burundi, at least 14 zones in Busoni have been seriously affected and households have nothing to eat. According to the administrator of Busoni, on the Rwibikara hill in the Gisenyi area, at least 100 people fled the famine in the area.

The population of these municipalities is asking for emergency help to stabilize them but also seeds because if by chance, there would be rains in the coming days.

This famine occurs in a context of strained relations between Burundi and Rwanda whereas, in times of similar scarcity, commercial exchanges between Rwandans and the population of this area facilitate access to certain foodstuffs.

This area of northern Burundi is often affected by famine due to climate change. In 2017, the municipalities of Busoni and Bugabira were more affected after a prolonged drought.

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