Metaphysics: a Child in Burundi vomits pebbles, glasses and other weird materials, health professionals are lost

Najirah Khalfan

A girl from the Gasanda neighborhood in the urban center of Ruyigi (eastern part of Burundi) suffers from an illness that worries her family, her relatives, and the administration. Medical sources speak of a case that is metaphysical and out of the ordinary.

As the Burundi Press Agency reports,  Since Monday, June 6 this year, Najirah Khalfan, eight years old, daughter of Ahmed Khalfan and Félicité Twahirwa and third of their four children, is vomiting pebbles, glasses and other strange substances that come out of her belly. Neighbors and local administration confirm the facts. His mother says that in reality, these vomitings are a new stage in a long illness that is getting worse and worse, as days go by.

Since November of last year, this child kept telling her parents that she sometimes hears voices telling her that she will soon die, but her family took her words lightly. Subsequently, these same voices then proceeded to the stage of speaking openly.

As early as January 2018, she showed signs that resembled those of malaria. At this stage until the onset of her vomiting on Monday, June 4, her parents took her to the hospital many times, but the results of the medical examinations showed that the child’s health was very good. The medical sources joined by the Burundi Press Agency are all unanimous that the case of this girl does not concern the conventional medicine and that one should rather seek for the traditional medicine or the prayers.


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