Chimp Reports debunked: Burundi ambassador to Uganda, Jean Bosco Barege, rejects its ‘sham interview’.

Following the publication of the news by the Ugandan media outlet, Chimp Reports, where this media alleged to have done an interview with Burundi ambassador to Uganda, Jean Bosco Barege, the latter has vehemently denied the ‘sham interview’ with Chimp Reports.

Burundian ambassador to Uganda, Jean Bosco Barege, denies having done the interview with Chimp Reports.

Jean Bosco Barege said this in an exclusive interview with RegionWeek. Chimp Reports media has written in the alleged interview with Jean Bosco Barege quoting him that ‘there is no possibility of a “direct military confrontation” with Rwanda but warned that Kigali risks being attacked by several armed movements if President Kagame makes any ‘miscalculations’.

Since then, the article of Chimp Reports had been taken down by Chimp Reports itself. The article which was written by Kim Aine and titled ‘Burundian envoy to Uganda warns Rwanda, Burundi is not DRC‘, is now not reachable due to the fact that Chimp Reports got debunked or proven wrong with their ‘interview’, and then took it down.

It is the case of the much frosty ties between Burundi and Rwanda, which Chimp reports referred to write the article which was debunked by Jean Bosco Barege.

‘The sham interview to denigrate me’.

RegionWeek wanted to ask Jean Bosco Barege about the veracity of the news published by Chimp Reports. Asked by RegionWeek why Chimp Reports published the article without his knowing, Jean Bosco Barege said that Chimp reports ‘only wanted to vilify, denigrate, calumniate and defame me in the alleged sham interview’.

Jean Bosco Barege told RegionWeek that the time Chimp Reports wrote and published the sham interview, he was attending the Retreat of Ambassadors of Burundi accredited in Africa and Asia which was being held in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

On returning from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia to Kampala, I found out that there was a Ugandan News Website[Chimp Reports] that denigrated me by publishing a sham interview they did with me, whereas I did not give them an interview. Since then, the News Website has taken down the sham interview with me, but they did it after the harm was already done to my reputation”, Burundi ambassador to Uganda, Jean Bosco Barege, told RegionWeek in an exclusive interview.

‘The fake news stirred much controversy from Rwandan authorities’.

This fake article of Chimp Reports had stirred much criticism from Rwandan authorities, slamming Burundi ambassador to Uganda, Jean Bosco Barege, of ‘putting oil to the already flaming fire’ between Burundi and Rwanda.

It is the case of the Rwandan Ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Olivier Nduhungirehe who stated to be shocked by Jean Bosco Barege’s ‘words’ after the publication of the fake news by Chimp Reports.

“We have reached a point where an Ambassador of a neighboring country can use a propaganda outlet from another neighboring country, to threaten unleashing armed groups they both support, against the country in between”, Ambassador Nduhungirehe wrote on Twitter.

Rwanda and Burundi are in cold relationships since 2015. Burundi and Rwanda have been exchanging accusations between them, each accusing other of the destabilizing actions against the other state.

It should be remembered that Burundi head of state has called for an ‘extraordinary summit’ on relations between Rwanda and Burundi to ”address the misunderstandings’ between these twin countries.






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