Churches “stop internal confrontations”-H.E Gaston Sindimwo.

H.E. Gaston Sindimwo calls Churches to stop “internal conflicts” to help build peace in the country, in a prayer crusade organized by a non-governmental Organization, the African Ministry For Compassion, (MAC) which was held from the 16th to the 19th of November 2018.


Churches in Bujumbura in partnership with a non-governmental organization called The African Ministry for Compassion (MAC) organized a prayer crusade which was held last week from the dates, 16th- 18th of November. In the prayer crusade, the president of Burundi was invited although he didn’t manage to be part of it he sent his 1st Vice President H.E. Gaston Sindimwo. The 1st vice president sent a message to the churches in the crusade calling them to stop internal conflicts to help build peace and security in the country and called them to join in the governments’ national program f peacebuilding.

The African Ministry for Compassion in partnership with Christian Churches in Burundi’s capital city Bujumbura organized this prayer crusade, with a theme, “Unity in the diversity”.

By the 1st Vice president H.E. Gaston Sindimwo whom the president sent in his place at the prayer crusade, he called the churches and all Christians in Bujumbura to avoid “internal confrontations’ in churches to consolidate peace.

According to H.E the 1st vice president Gaston Sindimwo, he asked for pastors to have an “explicit manner” from the Protestant denominations for them to “stick together” to prevent future conflicts and the violent fights as seen in some churches during the last three years.

For that to happen, he called for churches to join the government’s plan of action to bring peace to the country, “ to do this, pastors that you are are all invited and encouraged to be active partners of the Burundian Government in the national peacebuilding program, ensuring that the places of worship are only marked with an atmosphere of tolerance to break forever with some behaviors centered on divisionists predications reported in various places across the country”, he said as a recommendation to the churches and the (MAC).

In addition to the call for unity in the diversity, the vice president also advised religious leaders to “revive the political legacy” left to the people of Burundi by their heroes of independence and  of democracy, namely, the Prince Louis Rwagasore who was assassinated on the 13th of October 1961, and Melchior Ndadaye who was assassinated on the 21st of October 1993.

For him,  Burundi will have added values in the peace and security in the coming years if the local churches work in “synergy and coherence” to promote the resolution of their “potential” misunderstandings through good dialogues.

Lastly, he called churches to avoid disputes to fulfill their works well and build peace and security.

“Avoid from now on the current tendency of disputes which are stopped by the interventions of the police and judiciary bodies, because you will not only bloom the works of your respective churches but also you shall have dividends in terms of the consolidation of peace of security in Burundi.

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