Top 20 essential clothes Women need to have in their wardrobe

Night out with my girls is always blissful. We all have that spark of madness that we ought not to lose. With my girlfriends, I can let it all out. We unburden ourselves from the weeks hustle and pressure, enjoy each other’s company, party and most importantly discuss issues affecting us. Every beginning of the week I always look forward to Thursday.

We choose to hang out on Thursday because most of us have ‘private’ plans for Friday and the weekend. On this particular night, we had a very puzzling topic. Everyone was talking and giving opinions but we couldn’t settle on anything. So when we go out for shopping what should we consider buying? Is it ordinary for ladies to buy everything they find and end up wearing only half of them? I came up with a solution for this predicament.

There is no benefit to living with so much excess. On the contrary, having too much to choose from only gets us more confused. To make your shopping more precise I narrowed down the essential item a lady cannot afford to miss in their wardrobe. I looked at each category that is coats, tops, bottoms, and shoes. If you do not have all or most of these items, it is time to go for the real shopping.



A blazer is a staple item in every ladies wardrobe. They come in different style, color, sizes, and shapes meaning there is something for everyone. With all these options, you should be keen when choosing one for yourself. Generally, the full length should reach your hip bone. It can go higher but not lower. Choose one that hugs your body close enough to accentuate your waist and give you a relaxed fit.  Avoid the too big too long sleeves, ideally, sleeves should end at your wrist bone. A fitting blazer in a basic color – I recommend black; is versatile and can be won as professional, casual and even on a date.




This is an in-between the season basic. It has remained an ultimate fashion favorite since its inception. With the shoulder epaulets, waist belt, and contrast buttons it is clearly not going anywhere.  They work well with almost everything whether formal or casual and help tone down eccentric fashion details that allow you to go daring yet subtle. You can layer it over an office look or on jeans for the weekend.



It is not only men that get to enjoy the everlasting durability of leather. Ladies, there is also something for you. When it’s too hot for trench coats, and you wish to diverse from everyday official, the leather jacket is what you need.  Leather jackets are all-around cool casual and a luxury style staple to have.

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It can either be zipped, buckled or cut with slim silhouette; there is a preference for everyone. They can be layered over a t-shirt with skinny jeans and ankle boots.  Also worn over with a skater dress for a date, if black feels too much you can mix up your look with a different colored leather. Despite the lavish price on many leather jackets, a classic style is considered a worthwhile investment.




Button up shirts are the type that has its button all the way up the front. Button-down shirts are those that have buttons on its color that attach it the shirt. Once again, the fit is most important. Get a crisp not too tight shirt that flatters your figure. Choose a color that matches your complexion preferably universal color like white. You can opt for a button-down dress shirt, it has technical specs and structured fit that makes it good for a professional look. It goes well with a pencil skirt, official trouser or in a suit. We also have the cotton blend blouse, this for less professional look.

It makes you appear neat and well put together even when you are generally all hands down with your look. It goes well with baggy jeans or tailored trousers. Silk shirts are another classy casual look. Its light fabric makes it comfortable and adds a touch of chicness to your attire.  An oversize shirt is the most casual look of all shirt. One with contrast details, huge sleeves or colorful buttons will do. I like those with full-length sleeves that have tabs to fold up the sleeves for a more casual look. It can be worn alone, paired with tight, skinny pants or jeans.


A cashmere sweater is one of the long-lasting and versatile items to own. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are known for their comfortable loose fit that makes it great for a less formal wear. Also, the round collar types are known for flattering the collarbone. The cashmere sweater is great with jeans, weekend denim pants or a feminine skirt.


This a simple yet trendy item that can transition through the seasons depending on how you choose to dress it. You can dress it with jeans, suit trousers, fancy skirt, a slip dress, under a blazer, leather jacket, tucked in or out. The perfect white tee is exactly what you need. Get one that fits you, keep it cool and start your weekend with a clean slate. It also goes well with printed shorts, denim and layers perfectly under a sweater.



The little black dress is exemplary. It is an all-time polished dress that instantly evokes femininity and a great sense of refinement. Depending on the occasion it can be dressed up or down effortlessly. The LBD is a blank slate that contrasts well with other items. It can give you an official, casual, elegant and sexy look – for a day or night out. Find a black dress that fits perfectly with your body shape and that accentuate your silhouette. It is a timeless piece that can transition from a simple little black dress to a sophisticated black outfit. With different shoes and accessories, it can be styled up for a variety of seasons.



Black pants are a fundamental item in any lady’s wardrobe.

There are varieties of black pants that can work wonders for your figure. I will look at four most famous designs. First, bootcut pant which is the most common and versatile pant. With its floor skimming hems and subtle flare, it looks best when it slightly covers the shoe. The subtle flare elongates and slims your lower half. They also hit just above the waist, some having a button – tub high waist that acts as a tummy trimmer. It also highlights your butt. Second, the shiny fabric pant that have straight fit design for a night elegance.

Third, skinny leg pants which are perfect for the trendy look. With its slim design and cut around the hips and thighs, it highlights your lower body figure and creates a long slim look. Choose a pair that is less tight around the ankle and reaches slightly around or just above the ankle. Skinny pants go well with just about anything. From shoes, tops, and coats you have a wide variety to choose from so make a wise one.

Lastly, the wide leg pants. These are mostly related to the casual summer pants.

With their fairly loose fit from the waist and gets wider around the ankle; the wide leg pants are good for creating to break from the norm. Go for one that hits just below the ankle bone or skimming the floor; not too long though. They are fashionable and look best with completely flat shoes and a fitting top. You can also add a bit of height to create a longer silhouette; with wedges, block heels or chunky heels. Get the right fit. Regardless of what you settle for a solid pair of black plants is a Monday to Sunday kind of pants.

They pair well with any blouse, blazer or jacket that gives endless outfit options. You can make the most out of these pants by choosing an all-around fabric − tropical wool or viscose. You can also opt to have a custom made to fit your preferences and desires.


The good news about pencil skirt is that they are no longer reserved for the professional look. It can easily transition from office wear to the weekend look. Whether it’s a business meeting− Wear it with a tucked in dress shirt or blouse, blazer, and closed-toe heels or ballet flats. For a brunch with your girls−have it with a peplum top /fitting tucked in tee/cropped top, leather jacket and heels or ballet flats.

For a date with your hubby− dress it with a fitting blouse/sleeveless top/slightly cropped top, layered with blazer or leather jacket and well fit strappy heels or ankle boots; don’t forget to add just enough accessories. You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt. They come in a wide range of sizes, length, colors, prints, and patterns. Depending on how you choose to dress and accessories it is an all-around type of skirt


The power of jeans has evolved over the years and it is not going anywhere. Jeans has dominated majorly of women’s wardrobe as an essential item.  Research shows that out of the ‘few items’ you can miss in woman’s wardrobe, you won’t miss a pair of jeans. They are a perfect bridge between formal and casual work attire. You can dress it with a plain tucked in top and a strong shoulder jacket/sweater with little or no details for a neat casual ware.

For official, you can have Jeans with a colored blouse/shirt layered with a blazer or trench coat and heels. Jeans come in a wide range of lengths, hips and waist sizes that favors everyone for a comfortable and slimmer look. Whether straight, flared, cropped or skinny a pair of jeans is mandatory for every woman because of its durability and it always tones up the butt. Get one that fits and flatters. Jeans will never go out of style.


Leggings are the most comfortable a casual pants. They originate from the yoga pants. Women used to find yoga pants so comfortable that they would wear them outside the gym. Now there is a better alternative. Because of its comfortably tight fit, they are flexible and can be worn for various activities.

Jeggings came from the combination of jeans and leggings. Leggings might seem too casual for a formal occasion but you still want that comfort of wearing leggings. Jeggings are less transparent a bit heavier than leggings and still stretchable.  With the current trend, we have jeggings with a bit of detail−metal zippers and leather leggings that gives it a glamorous formal slack and a more polished look.

Any woman can wear jeggings and it must always fit right. With is elastic waist it saves you the hustle of zips and buttons. They can be worn for formal functions, day out or in




There’s a reason everyone has a pair of ballet flats commonly known as flat shoes. With their chic and comfortable fit, they can be worn for work, errands, casual and for traveling. Pair them with pants, pencil skirt, dress, jeans or leggings. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are ladylike, simple to dress and gives a well put together a polished look. You could also opt for classic sued.


If you need elegant sexy heels for a night out or a date with your hubby then the strappy heel is the go-to shoes.  They are often rocked by a different celebrity on red carpets events. Whether you go for bold colors, statement prints or ultra-sexy details; it can be well dressed in a gown, classy dinner dress, LBD or jeans.

Strappy heels lengthen your legs and give you the instantly sexy look. Total mood- booster. You can look down at your legs and smile. Get a pair of black, silver, gold or nude color. With these options, they can effortlessly go with whichever color you decide to dress.


A classic pair of pumps will never fail you. Or alternatively stilettos. This is a solid footwear, which will boost your confidence in that professional look. They can also fall well for a day or night out or the weekend They come in a variety of sizes and colors. For a professional look, plain and subtle colors are highly recommended. For a casual look, you could opt for prints or a bold color. Pointes pumps are a good option they pull together your outfit and adds a look of sophistication. The good news is your pair pump doesn’t have to be 5-inch heels. Choose one that you can comfortably wear and walk on.


Ankle boots are another necessity for ladies. This is an all-around shoe for every season. They are easy to slip into and comfortable to walk around. They come in a variety of heel size so there is one for everyone according to your preference. You can experiment with different heel height from low, blocked to stiletto. To add a little edge to your look you can pair ankle boots with jeans or a dress


A fashionable pair of sneaker is good for the weekend. Classic white sneakers are a basic casual that will go well with any casual attire. Comfortable enough to serve as running shoes, long distance walk, sports activities and for a day out. These shoes will always give a cool comfy chic look


These are the better alternative for flip-flops. A must-have in your wardrobe. Sandals are meant for those days you feel way relaxed and slaking all through the day. We all get to that point. They are light and more open than any other shoe. They are best for the summer times or for a vacay. Choose on that feels comfortable and you can wear it for a day in or out. Opt for sandals with exciting colors and studded finish. They can be paired with jeans, leggings, floral dresses, shorts or wide-legs pants.

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Now that you know what you really need, you can easily prioritize your shopping and know what you need to buy. We value our readers, Tell us your thoughts on the comment box below or if you have any lifestyle related issue you would like us to address.



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