Congolese refugees are called on to return home

The King of the Ubwali Peninsula, Mr. Kisesa Katamya Mvano, conducted on Thursday February 15, 2018 a visit to Rumonge province (south-west of Burundi) to calm and sensitize Congolese refugees who had fled fighting between Mai-Mai and the regular army.

Image Credit: UNHCR

Those Congolese refugees are thus called on to be registered on lists to show their will to return, said the king of Ubwali, ensuring that the travel expenses will be provided by the royalty that will support, if necessary, those refugees for the start of their activities, once they are at home.

To those who are afraid of being arrested by the Congolese regular army, he reassured, indicating that no one will be worried, asking them to comply with the laws in force in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He said that those who break them will be prosecuted.

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Those in the camps are not affected by this appeal, said the king of Ubwali, adding that they are at the disposal of UNHCR. All ethnic groups of Ubwali: Babembe, Bashi, Bavira, Babwari and others are asked to return because most of Ubwali’s hills are empty of men, he noted.

Daniel Kawaya Mwanangoyi, representing the Congolese community in Rumonge, praised that approach of the King of the Ubwali peninsula, who made the trip in person to call on his people to return. He invited his fellow refugees to answer the appeal to return home and go about development activities.

He expressed his satisfaction that peace and security had returned to the country, and called on those who would like to settle in Rumonge to follow the recommendations of provincial governor Juvenal Bigirimana, seeking the necessary documents

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