Did you know use of laptops can cause infertility in men?

Machines overheat when used over a long period of time and laptops are not an exception. Laptops have an internal fan but it has little effect on the heat it emits. When you use a laptop on your lap the heat being emitted is directly absorbed into your body. Laptops, as the name suggests, were designed to be portable and can be used inside or outside the office.

When you far from desk or table you would use your laptops on our laps. After all, they are laptops. Using them in this manner has raised concerns especially on how it affects men fertility.

The lap being a soft surface may block breathing vents of the laptop causing the temperature to rise. This, in turn, heats up your lap. You can feel the heat at the surface of your skin but as you go deep the excess heat and radiation cannot be sensed. The amount of damage done to internal body parts remains uncovered.

Men have two testicles that are supported in a sack of skin called scrotum. They hang outside the body below the penis. Just so you know most men have one testicle hanging lower than the other one. Scientist suggests that this is so they do not hit against each other. The testicles were placed outside the body for a good reason. They hang outside because they need cooler temperature than the inner body in order to generate sperms.

When a man’s testicles get cold they are automatically pulled closer to the body. And if they are too warm the muscles relax and get longer to lower the testicles. This is how the body keeps the testicles at the right temperature. What happens when they get too hot?

The scrotum is very a fragile organ and is adapted to remain at relatively the same temperature under varying conditions. However, using your laptop on your lap with your legs close together can cut off air flow to that vital area and trap your testicles near the heat your laptop generates.

The heat factor is a well-known negative impact on fertility. “Our testicles like to be at least two degrees cooler than the rest of our body, and anything that affects their temperature can affect fertility,” says Dr. Jesse N. Mills, an associate clinical professor of urology and director of the Men’s Clinic at UCLA.

Also Dr. Yefim Sheynkin, an associate professor of urology at SUNY Stony Brook who coauthored a 2005 study on laptops and the heat they generate found that, with laptop use, the scrotal temperature increased quite significantly.” He adds, “The way men sit when using a laptop can make matters worse.

In a follow-up study, Sheynkin and colleagues found that sitting with knees together effectively traps heat and cuts off air flow which in turn raises a man’s scrotal temperature even absent a laptop. “So there are two factors here: the heat produced by the laptop and the rising temperature from having the legs together”

There are emerging researches every day on this disturbing issue. Excessive heat can affect sperm motility (ability to move), quality, sperm number and cause DNA damage. Yes, the quality of the sperm also matters.

According to fertility tips.com. A study was conducted by researchers at the Nascentis Center for Reproductive Medicine in Cordoba, Argentina, and was headed by Conrado Avendaño, a biochemist who specializes in andrology. Together with other scientists, he examined 29 sperm samples from healthy, 25-year-old men.

Each individual sample was divided into two equal parts and stored in different rooms at a controlled temperature. For all samples, one of the sub-samples was placed under a laptop with an active Wi-Fi connection for four hours. This served to create the same conditions for the sperm as when a laptop is placed on one’s lap for an extended time.

For comparison, the other sperm samples were also observed, but without the use of wireless internet. The study’s results were alarming: Among the sperm cells that were irradiated, 25 percent were motionless, while only 14 percent were immobile in the samples that were not subjected to Wi-Fi.

In addition, nine percent of the sperm cells showed DNA damage after four hours of irradiation, while in the non-irradiated samples only three percent were affected by DNA damage. So while sperm cells aren’t killed by the electromagnetic pollution emitted by Wi-Fi, they do suffer genetic damage and a significant decrease in motility. The Argentinian study’s results suggest that electromagnetic radiation can indeed negatively affect male reproductive capacity.


In order not to impair fertility, men should therefore not place laptops directly on their laps—especially if they’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Other effects of using a laptop on your laps are:-

  • It can cause back and neck pain.
  • It can lead to certain types of cancer.
  • It can burn your skin

Even with all these side effects, you can’t stop using your laptop. For that reason, there is a solution that will enable you to use your laptop and not affect your body organs.

Some of us have switched to placing a pillow or laptop underneath the laptop when using it. It is the soft surfaces that tend to block the breathing vent of laptops thus increasing temperature. Place your laptop on hard surfaces like a table or desks. Alternatively, if you have to place it on your lap use a hardcover textbook. Widen your legs when using your laptop.

This will help increase airflow between your legs. Avoid using it for long hours when on your lap. As much as you would use a hard surface and widen your legs it is just a temporary solution. Use it this alternative only if you don’t have an option.

While it’s certainly convenient to keep your laptop on your lap, the convenience may not be worth the consequences. The power to healthy and reproductive life is in your hands. Make good use of it.

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